Troper from France. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin As the name suggests]], I am a [[TheBigGuy large]], [[BadassBeard hairy]] and [[BeardOfBarbarism potentially]] [[BarbarianHero violent individual]].

Was working on getting some acceptable titles in the French section. These days, I listen to the Voices whispering dark and wondrous things in my head, which I then [[strike: leave to wither away and die because I'm a horrible person]] put UpForGrabs on YKTTW. [[strike: Haven't launched any tropes, but I]] am responsible for thinking up ChariotRace and the title for BottomOfTheBarrelJoke, for what it's worth. Also created a page for ''{{Lanfeust}}'', as not enough people know about it. Also launched StandardEstablishingSpaceshipShot, TelephonePolearm, OurOgresAreHungrier, OurGargoylesRock, OurCentaursAreDifferent, CatapultToGlory, {{Invictus}}, RobinHood2010, PaidForFamily, LesVisiteurs, GretelAndHansel, GiveChaseWithAngryNatives, OnYourMark, BlackoutBlink, TheDuenna, DreamSue, {{Paladog}}, {{VideoGame/Belial}}, DeffSkwadron, WindbagPolitician, ThePeacekeeper, {{VideoGame/Takeover}}, MedicalMonarch, ComicBook/DamnationCrusade, TwoWayTapping, AntlionMonster, ShamefulSourceOfKnowledge, ComicBook/BloodAndThunder, Webcomic/PlanetOfHats (the webcomic, not the trope), Anime/TheTaleOfPrincessKaguya, VideoGame/VivaCaligula, ComicBook/TheRedeemer, Film/TheMansionsOfTheGods, , PaganVengeance, ZeusMasterOfOlympus, AnnoyingBackgroundEvent, EmbarrassingSuperpower, NotAnAct, ContemptCrossfire, JobMindsetInertia, CrimeConcealingHobby, and OverzealousUnderling. And while I wasn't looking, someone launched MeditatingUnderAWaterfall, DisposableVagrant, and ZombifyTheLiving, three of the aforementioned orphaned YKTTWs.

Recently became addicted to ForumGames, where I am either a [[TheBigGuy much larger]], '''[[BloodKnight much more violent]]''', [+++[[LargeHam VERY]] [[BoisterousBruiser MUCH]] [[NoIndoorVoice LOUDER]]+++] [[GodModeSue version of my]] [[SelfInsertFic real-world self]], or [[strike: a dark and sinister god]] [[{{Fantasia}} Disney's most awesome creation to date]]. Or [[BashBrothers Heracles and Hercules]]. Or the [[TeamFortress2 BLU Team]]. Or KingKong. Or a [[TwilightPrincess Mighty Darknut]]. Or [[TroperWorks/TheImperiumOfManComesToGensokyo a tank with enough guns to qualify as a platoon all to itself (along with an Ork Mekboss & crew) Or a Gray Knight]]. Or [[GoldenSun the Dullahan Or Isaac]]. Or an oversized water-spewing crocodile of doom. [[AutOmniaAutNihil Or a demigod in the body of a wimp.]] Or Czernobog (again). Or BLU Heavy (again). Or Lord Anub'arak, king of Azjol'Nerub. Or Khimari of the Ronso.

Now a participant in Roleplay/WorldWarX, TroperWorks/TheImperiumOfManComesToGensokyo, AGameOfGods, and AutOmniaAutNihil.


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