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->''"I'm kind of envious of AU and CA's abilities to derive profound fascination from the mundane."''
-->-- '''@/{{Idler 20}}'''

Not an actual street, but a 24-year-old ({{trans|gender}})woman from Central Ohio. I am a self-described anorak who rather enjoys roads and retail, among other things, and I do not hesitate to ramble about said topics if given the chance.

I discovered this site in May 2008 while seeking out ''{{Torchwood}}'' spoilers, though I largely drifted away from the forums in 2011-2012. Nowadays I can mostly be found on [[http://www.heapershangout.com/ Heapers' Hangout]], an offshoot of YackFest's Trash Heap thread.

{{Tropers/Anonus}} is [[MindlinkMates my mindlink buddy]] and [[SickeninglySweethearts I love him dearly.]]


[[folder:Tropes You Think Apply To Me]]
* BerserkButton - The GIF format, from what I can tell. - Tropers/AnonymousUser
* CloudCuckoolander - Yeah. - Tropers/AnonymousUser
* ComedicSociopath - Sometimes. - Tropers/AnonymousUser
* CreepySexy - I think so, now. - Tropers/AnonymousUser
* FreakyIsCool - To [[Tropers/AnonymousUser me]], anyway.
* GlurgeAddict - Do you not see the ''MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' picture atop the page? - [[Tropers/AnonymousUser fellow addict.]]
* GotMeDoingIt - In both directions - Tropers/AnonymousUser
* NightmareFetishist - Not immediately apparent, but it's there. - Tropers/AnonymousUser
* PrincessesPreferPink - All Alice needs is a pink headband, or something. --@/OuttaTheBLAM
* PsychicLink: if it really is true... - @/{{Keybreak}}
* RulesOfTheRoad - Take a guess why. @/{{Noaqiyeum}}
* TrademarkFavoriteFood - Candy! - @/{{SPACETRAVEL}}
* TheWoobie: At times, it seems. - Tropers/AnonymousUser

[[folder:My Sockpuppets]]
I've had many more sockpuppets not listed here, but these are my current remaining ones:
* Central {{Alice|InWonderland}} (mainly used as a holding place for excess avatars these days)
* @/{{Charlotte}} (my 8-year-old female alter-ego)
* Mobile Avenue: An alternate account for when I post from my mobile phone.