[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable Cable]].

Unrelated to this [[XMen Cable]]. But is HoYay for [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Deadpool this guy]].

You want a better description? Listen to The Passenger, by Iggy Pop, it's his official theme song. Anything else just read below.[[color:white: Curses! Since you have found me, then I will tell you my secret weakness, Cuteness Proximity.]]

Tropes that describe him:
*AbsentMindedProfessor, More like student, fits him well.
*AnnoyingYoungerSibling, to the point of having self-diagnosed Bipolar Disorder around his older brother.
*BrilliantButLazy, he could be successful in life, if he would do anything after the concept stages.
*BitCharacter, If he was a character in any medium, this would describe him.
*CoolShades, Whenever the lighting permits, he is always wearing brown, translucent, aviator sunglasses.
**SunglassesAtNight, And sometimes when the lighting does not.
*CutenessProximity, Anything furry, friendly, and smaller than a great dane will result in said animal's name being called out.
*HumbleHero, BitCharacter, 'nuff said.
*IntelligenceEqualsIsolation, Oh so much. But I believe that it is the other way around in my case. Since I didn't relate to other people, I paid more attention in class, and spent a lot of time on the internet. Thus I became smarter because I was alone.
*MostTropersAreYoungNerds, look under 'C'
*ThePhilosopher, he is much more like this in his head.
*ProudToBeAGeek, Ask and he'll tell you his zombie contingency plan, favourite NES games, and tell you why Apple is evil despite owning an iPod.
*RidiculousProcrastinator, he never does anything until the night before it is due, and even that is rare. He also never studies, period.
*SkilledButNaive, with emphasis on Naive.
*TheSlacker, Two bullet points up.
*TheStoic, Now that he isn't the quiet one.
*ThoseTwoGuys, He is one when with his twin.
*TheQuietOne, [[IGotBetter Again Two points up.]]

And notable tropes he averts:
*YouAreNotAlone, so very painfully.

Media he loves:


* [[FiveHundredDaysOfSummer (500) Days of Summer]]
* {{Brazil}}
* TheDarkKnightSaga
* Anything By EdgarWright
* IndianaJones
* KungFuHustle
* TheLordOfTheRings
* MontyPython
* {{Pixar}}
* QuentinTarantino
* {{Serenity}}
* StarWars
* ZombieLand

* TheBeatles
* TheClash
* DaftPunk
* TheDoors
* {{Gorillaz}}
* FlightOfTheConchords
* FooFighters
* Iggy Pop
* JonathanCoulton
* MontyPython
* {{Nirvana}}
* ThePixies
* TheProtomen
* TheSexPistols
* TheStooges
* TheWho

* {{Daria}}
* DoctorWho
* {{Firefly}}
* [[RunningGag Monty Python]]
* {{Spaced}}
* TheOffice
* TopGear
* {{Mythbusters}}

* AlanMoore
* Cory Doctorow
* DouglasAdams
* [[color:blue:House]] [[HouseOfLeaves of Leaves]]
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WorldWarZ MaxBrooks]]
* [[OverlyLongGag Monty Python]]
* NeilGaiman

[[folder:Video Games]]
* AceAttorney
* {{Borderlands}}
* {{Braid}}
* CallOfDuty
* CaveStory
* ChzoMythos
* {{Civilization}}
* DeadRising
* {{Doom}}
* {{Earthbound}}
* {{Eversion}}
* [[{{Fallout}} Fallout Series]]
* HalfLife
* {{Halo}}
* IWannaBeTheGuy
* [[{{Fahrenheit}} Indigo Prophesy]]
* {{Karoshi}}
* Left4Dead
* TheLegendOfZelda
* [[SuperMarioBros Mario]]
* MassEffect
* MaxPayne
* MetalGear
* [[TheElderScrollsFour Oblivion]]
* {{Portal}}
* ProfessorLayton
* [[{{PunchOut}} Punch-Out!!]]
* RockBand
* ShadowOfTheColossus
* TeamFortress2
* [[UnchartedDrakesFortune Uncharted]]
* YumeNikki

* TheAdventuresOfDoctorMcNinja
* AwkwardZombie
* AxeCop
* BobAndGeorge
* BrawlInTheFamily
* {{Bug}}
* ChainsawSuit
* {{Concerned}}
* CyanideAndHappiness
* DaisyOwl
* {{Girly}}
* [[HarkAVagrant Hark! A Vagrant]]
* HijinksEnsue
* {{Hiimdaisy}}
* JoeLovesCrappyMovies
* KidRadd
* TheLastDaysOfFoxHound
* LeastICouldDo
* {{Minus}}
* {{Multiplex}}
* NerfNow
* OctopusPie
* OrderOfTheStick
* ThePerryBibleFellowship
* PicturesForSadChildren
* RealLifeComics
* RoosterTeeth
* SandraAndWoo
* {{Sinfest}}
* WalkyVerse
* {{xkcd}}

[[folder:Web Original]]
* AtopTheFourthWall
* DeceasedCrab
* [[DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog Dr. Horrible]]
* TheGuild
* HeyAshWhatchaPlayin
* HomestarRunner
* {{Kickassia}}
* RedVsBlue
* SCPFoundation
* TheSpoonyExperiment
* ThatGuyWithTheGlasses

Mix breed of Canadian and American with ancestry in:

! White Board

First! WOO! -Cable