[[InAWorld In a world]] where socks can kill their threaded comrades and [[{{Karma}} negatively affect the status of socks world-wide (thereby hurting themselves as a collective)]], as well as siphoning their twisted energies onto nearby people, this half-Buddhist/half-Christian/half-Atheist/half-poor mathematician has one.

That's it. Evil sock. The [[TheBaghavadGita Gita]] speaks of it. [[TheBible Revelation]] foretells it. [[RichardDawkins Dawkins]] proc- You know what, never mind. Dawkins probably doesn't care. But trust him, the sock is evil. He's tested it.

Although [[ApathyKilledTheCat apathy is an evil unto itself]], so this troper might actually be generating some of his own bad karma. Thankfully he has multiple [[KarmaHoudini Get-out-of-karma-free tickets]]. And a spectacular voice. He's a vocal performance student, and he hopes to one day [[MusicalAssassin kill people with it]] (he might as well use some of those tickets before they expire). Did you know that? Of course you didn't. But now you do, [[AndKnowingIsHalfTheBattle and knowing is half the battle!]] The other half is buying earplugs, because he has almost perfected how to make people explode with a [[BrownNote G7 diminished chord]].

Not that he does very much with the singing at the moment. He's far too lazy to get out of his room and get gigs. He spends most of his time writing instead, or reading tvtropes. [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife And now he's editing them]].

[[AnAesop The moral of the story]] is that [[AwfulTruth tvtropes turn respectable people into hobos]].