[[UsefulNotes/{{Poland}} Polish]] girl born in 1991. Usually lurking, sometimes pops up here and there from time to time. Fairly new, and still noobish about scripts at TVT. Tends to misspell. Multilingual. Uses [[BigWords strange]] [[AntiquatedLinguistics language]].

Has vast knowledge, yet entirely made of spoilers. [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Mostly TVTropes spoilers.]] Interested in {{Anime}} and {{Manga}}, {{fantasy}} and {{RPG}}s. Draws and writes. [[strike:Never]] finished a single video game (it being TheWorldEndsWithYou, because Pokemon without full Poke Dex doesn't count!). Likes to watch others play.

Likes to [[TVTropesWillRuinYourvocabulary talk with Tropes name's]] in RealLife. From many of those tropes which would apply to her, most notable ones are MoralityPet, GenkiGirl and TheCutie. Some say that also TheMessiah.

Going to write a book based on tropes. Really.

!!!As a {{RPG}} {{Otaku}} she defines herself like this:
'''Statistics:''' Low Intelligence, high Charisma, quite a good Wisdom, no Constitution nor Strenght. Little Dexterity. \\
'''Skills:''' lousy Search Fu, good [[FeminineWomenCanCook Cook Fu]], high [[MoralityPet Puppy Eyes]], fine [[AwesomeBackpack Packing]], [[BadassBookworm Knowledge about Anything]] at insane levels, great [[InactionSequence Talk You To Death no jutsu]] and a good dose of [[TheDeterminator Self-confidence]], [[MadeOfWin awesome]] Fanfiction Writing and Drawing. No [[BookDumb Logic Sense or Maths Skills]]. \\
* +9 ''Sacred PenWand of Banishment'' (blunt weapon, magical demage, 3d8 dmg each hit, magical);
* d6 ''Onigiri Bombs'' (per throw) (throw weapon, blow demage, d6 dmg from blows per bomb);
* +6 ''Flame of Purification'' (two-handed poi chain weapon, flame demage, d10 per hit, 2 hits in a row);
* +10 '''Pencil of DOOM'' (close range weapon, stab demage, 5d12 per attack, 25% chance to get poisoned per hit then d4 per turn from poisoning, 50% stunning, fragile [50% it breaks for each attack]) x3;
* +4 ''Zen Stone of Control''' (accessory, gives immunity to sound-based attacks, rises sound-based attack power by 1 dice/level, adds 5/level to morale);
* +6 ''Chopsticks'' (close range/throw weapon, stab demage, d4 per 3 levels with each hit; gives user poison immunity) x2;
* +8 ''Holy Cross'' (amulet, +30% dmg done to undead monsters and Bad alignment, allows to turn undead 5 times a day);
* +5 ''Kunai of Water'' (stab/throw weapon, d10 per hit, unlimited ammo, can't be used by anyone but Aque, as they change into water in anyone else's hands);
* d6 +4 ''Shuriken'' (per throw) (throw weapon, d6 stab demage per hit, low accuracy, distracts opponent for a while);
* +8 ''Garrote'' (long range weapon, cut demage, 3d12 demage per hit, hits once a second if trapped the opponent)

!!!Things she likes (in no particular order):
[[AC:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* {{Naruto}}
* {{Chobits}}
* {{Bleach}}
* KamikazeKaitoJeanne
* {{Inuyasha}}
* BinzumeYousei

[[AC: Literature]]
* TheDresdenFiles
* HarryPotter
* TheWitcher (which is what the game is based on, not the other way round)
* TheLordOfTheRings
* encyclopaedias

[[AC:Tabletop {{RPG}}s]]
* and her own one, Chronicles of Summers and Winters, soon in your mall!

* TheWorldEndsWithYou
* cats and kittens
* {{LARP}}s
* reading TVTropes
* listening to soundtracks
* reading webcomics, most notable being "LookingForGroup" and Polish [[http://kokoart.net/nowa3 "Kokoart"]]

* {{Nevermind}}
* NeedsWikiMagicLove
* TvTropesWillEnhanceYourLife
* some examples, here and there
* some TroperTales, WildMassGuessing and JustBugsMe
* one or two {{YKTTW}}s
* ... this?