A dark and shameful path lead you to here.

You've probably come here to bitch about some crap I put up that you disliked. (Me? Cynical? Don't be ridiculous...)

Stuff I launched:
* [[{{Ptitleaxpbm66x}} Screw The Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers!]] - technically, Tropers/{{Earnest}} launched it, but I made the YKTTW...
* {{Informal Eulogy}}
* RecapByAudit
* DeceasedFallGuyGambit
* DoesNotLikeSpam
* {{Arc Fatigue}}
* {{The Hero Dies}}
* {{His And Hers}}
* {{Evil Is Not Pacifist}}
* {{G Rated Mental Illness}}
* {{You Got Murder}}
* {{That One Disadvantage}}
* {{Not That Kind Of Mage}}
* {{Bonus Level Of Heaven}}
* PantsPositiveSafety
* [[MinmaxersDelight Minmaxer's Delight]]
* CIAEvilFBIGood
* BreastMan
* StraightEdgeEvil
* {{I Minored In Tropology}}
* BlacklightLampshade
* PersonalHorror

My current favourite tabletop RPG is {{Unknown Armies}} and I'm currently finding my interest in manga being resurrected with such series as {{Death Note}}, {{Ai Kora}}, {{School Rumble}} and {{Love Hina}}.

I'm also a big {{The World of Darkness}} and {{GURPS}} fan.

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