!!Hi. Welcome to Pulse's wall.


* Hi Pulse. I hope you like your new wall. I'll be missing you while you're gone. - BaconManiac5000
* [[CrushBlush -blush-]] @/RatherRandomRachel
* I couldn't think of a good trope to add. Also, why will you be gone? :( -MiscellaneousSoup
* Hey look, it's slightly less bare now. :P - Kesagake
* I swear I've seen your name before... -{{@/Inceptiond}}
** You wouldn't happen to be on BZPower, would you? -[[{{@/Inceptiond}} D]]
* If I were a demon, I'd let you recruit me. -@/SilentlyHonest
* Pulse, you are a pretty good troper. I'd add a trope, but it'd probably be wrong, so regrettably, no trope to guess with. [[Tropers/NESgamer190 NES]]

[[folder:Tropes you think apply to Pulse]]
* ShrinkingViolet - @/BaconManiac5000

* {{Adorkable}} - Troper/SamSakurai

* IllGirl: To an extreme! - @/BaconManiac5000