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[[caption-width-right:350:Showing off our fall fashion line.]]

You've just received an invitation to the royal ball. But what to wear? You're a [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses princess]] and/or part of the {{Fiction 500}}, but you don't have a dress that truly shows that off. You're not a fashion designer, so what to do?

Well worry not, for '''TropeCo®''' can easily supply you with your very own Main/PimpedOutDress! We will lavishly, but tastefully, embellish your dress with your choice of trimmings (preferably three to five from the following list):
* Puffs
** Including GiantPoofySleeves
* Slashes
* Ribbons
** Including a GiantWaistRibbon
* Frills
* Flounces
* Lace
* Embroidery
* [[EverythingsSparklyWithJewelry Jewelry]] ([[EverythingsBetterWithSparkles more sparkly the better]])
** [[GemEncrusted Embedding Jewels into parts of the dress]]
** A TropeCo/PowerCrystal is also compatible with this product.
* Pearls
* [[GoldMakesEverythingShiny Gold]] or Silver Lamé
* [[PrettyInMink Fur (real]] [[ItsFakeFurItsFine or fake)]]
* [[FluffyFashionFeathers Feathers]]
** [[PeacockGirl Wearing them as a Peacock tail]]
* Flowers (placed in any manner)
* A Hand Muff, Bouquet, Stole, [[NiceHat Hat]] and/or other accessories.
* Matching TropeCo/RequisiteRoyalRegalia, whether a PimpedOutCape or CoolCrown.
** For our royally minded consumers, this product can also fulfill the ErmineCapeEffect
* [[BattleBallgown Armor plating]], weapons, and/or shields, for the more daring of you.
** This includes a TropeCo/BeehiveBarrier

You won't just be the belle of the ball. You'll be the belle of the year, with every other rich girl [[Main/FollowTheLeader trying to copy your amazing dress]]. But of course none can top it. '''TropeCo®''' gives you a unique dress guarantee for that.

And if you feel your dress is good enough to wear elsewhere, spring for our new "Dura-Fabric Coating", which will ensure [[Main/ImpossiblyCoolClothes your dress can stand up to anything, and still allow you to move as gracefully as a butterfly]][=* =].

{{Magical Girl}}s can also take their current FrillsOfJustice, and we will give it a nice FrillyUpgrade.

Warning: only our PimpedOutDress is the real thing. Buying cheap knockoffs from other suppliers will result in ridicule ([[{{Series/Firefly}} unless you know things about engines]]).

[-[=* =]Dress available in RealLife and fiction. "Dura-Fabric Coating" currently only available in fiction.-]