Are you a MadScientist or EvilGenius who doesn't have the spare time to gather up everything yourself? A TeenGenius looking for a new and original science fair project? A GadgeteerGenius in need of some inspiration? Or just someone who [[BlatantLies is building a perfectly harmless homemade transistor radio]] and [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial certainly not a device to assist you in world domination]]? No matter what your circumstances, we here at TropeCo can supply you with all the parts you need to build your very own Artificially Intelligent Super-Assistant! Parts will include [[CowTools some or all]] of the following ''and more'':

* One (1) Xbox 360 and One (1) Playstation 3 gaming console - great computing horsepower at a discount price! (Also useful for playing games with your new robot buddy.)
* A $250 Radio Shack grab bag - you can't go wrong with a [[BuffySpeak big pile of electronicky ... stuff]].
* Fifty (50) holographic bio-optic storage cubes - the latest technology with super-fast access speed! Great for storing all the intercepted broadcast information on the planet or your giant collection of [[BlatantLies perfectly legally-downloaded]] videos and mp3s!
* A teddy bear - Use it to teach your new friend warmth and humanity, or target practice, depending on your particular bent.
* 50" [=LCD HDTV=] - Your new Artificial Friend can project his image on it for communicating with inferior fleshy life-forms, or use it to watch the big game, your choice! (Why not both?!)
* Your choice of either a [[Franchise/BackToTheFuture Flux Capacitor]] or an [[Film/TheAdventuresOfBuckarooBanzaiAcrossThe8thDimension Oscillation Overthruster]].
* Three (3) spools of professional-quality fiber-optic cable;
* 500' of contractor-grade ventilation tubing;
* One (1) spool of [=Cat5=] ethernet cable - even if you never use the cables or tubing, strew them about the place for ambience!
* A lump of a strange, rocky substance [[CthulhuMythos that glows with an otherworldly colour]] - we're not sure exactly what it does or where it came from, but [[EldritchAbomination it whispers to us in our sleep]].[[note]]and frankly we want to get rid of it because it scares us[[/note]]
* Fifty (50) metal spatulas.
* One (1) box of dry macaroni noodles.
* One (1) positronic quantum processor with invertible polarity.
* One (1) pair of rubber kitchen gloves.
* One (1) pair of safety goggles - because we here at TropeCo care about your safety!
* One (1) lightning rod.
* One (1) klein bottle of [[InstantAIJustAddWater 99.99% reverse-osmosis-purified water]].

Call today for best selection! And good luck with your "Science Fair" project! (''wink wink'')