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Reinforced nanosteel-mythril composite bulkhead doors not holding your enemies? Do they somehow free themselves from [[UnwillingSuspension being suspended]] over a shark pool? Does burying them in a pit in the middle of the Sahara and pouring in cement only get them out of your hair for a fortnight? Well worry no more! With TropeCo/TropeCo® new and improved Force-Field Door™, you too can enjoy the peace of mind an invisible, intangible barrier can provide!

Rather than using a regular door, TropeCo/TropeCo® technicians will install a state of the art stationary [[SomeKindOfForceField Force Field]] emitter to bar exit from your security cells.

Because WE know that YOU have diverse needs, TropeCo/TropeCo® offers a variety of models, including:
* [[Film/RevengeOfTheSith Ray Shields]]
* [[TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering Rune Barriers]]
* And deluxe [[TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons Force Cage]], which surrounds your [[GildedCage "Guest"]] with force fields on all sides!

Don't delay, order now! Operators are standing by!

[-'''Disclaimer:''' TropeCo/TropeCo® and its security subsidiary are not liable for misuse of Force-Field Door™ technology if it is tampered with. We do not guarantee imprisonment for [[SuperWeight Class 3+ Super Beings]]. Reports indicate [[WaveMotionGun massive energy discharges]] may pierce the door. Destroying the generator has been known to cause the door to "switch off", releasing the occupant. Placing the generator next to the door has been known to increase the incidence of Force-Field Door™ being switched off. [[ShootOutTheLock Shooting the control panel]] for the door has been known to release the occupant.-]