We here at '''[=TropeCo=]®''' believe in tradition, that sometimes the most daunting Main/DeathRay has the [[Main/AchillesHeel simplest solution]], and that [[Main/EvilLaugh cackling]] arch-villains will always get their due.

That's why in these difficult times, '''TropeCo/TropeCo®''' is committed to helping people empower themselves to defend society! However, with so many StockSuperpowers to choose from as well as the [[GeneticEngineeringIsTheNewNuke many]] [[LightningCanDoAnything different]] [[FreakLabAccident ways]] to get them, it can get ''very complicated!''

So worry no more, you just won the SuperpowerLottery! Rather than get strange, hard-to-quantify and [[SuperpowerMeltdown easily disrupted]], [[PsychicNosebleed migraine inducing]] Super Powers, why not get: The '''Main/FlyingBrick''' package!?

In this simple package you get:
* {{Flight}}
* SuperStrength
* NighInvulnerability and your choice of
* SuperSpeed, EyeBeams, SuperBreath, SuperSenses, or all of the above!

Comes with a perfectly plausible {{Backstory}} for how you got your powers, and how they are ''vastly different'' in functioning, power source and origin from everyone else who got this wonderful product!

Hurry now and don't delay! Just $19.99 plus shipping and handling![1] And for just $9.99 more, you can get a complimentary set of vaguely defined, [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands spontaneously manifesting]] lesser powers! WARNING: Lesser powers have been known to [[FlightStrengthHeart cause embarrassment]].