Has your RedShirtArmy been cut to shreds by [[MoralDissonance uncaring heroes?]] Are the {{Mooks}}, Goons and Minions at your disposal incapable of providing [[FoeTossingCharge more than half a second]] worth of challenge to the hero? Well worry no more! Because we at '''[=EvilTemp=][[TradeSnark ©]] ''' have just the thing!

New and improved '''''Elite Mooks!''''' Now with twice the hero-removing power as regular Mooks! They're the same size as regular {{Mooks}} but with the fighting power of {{Giant Mook}}s and the [[EvilIsCool coolness]] of an EvilMakeover!

We can accommodate all budgets and tastes, so all '''''Elite Mooks''''' can be customized and upgraded from base mooks to suit your needs. From simple cosmetic changes like a PaletteSwap to adding SpikesOfVillainy, and tangible changes like a raised PowerLevel and NewPowersAsThePlotDemands to [[CantCatchUp match]] those pesky LevelGrinding heroes. If you already have normal mooks, you can promote them to '''''Elite Mook''''' squads via [[UpgradeArtifact upgrading]] them with NinjaPirateZombieRobot oil, letting them serve as GoddamnedBats or DemonicSpiders.

Call now! Don't delay! With your purchase of 50 or more '''''Elite Mooks''''' '''[=EvilTemp=]©''' will provide a complimentary coffee mug (Best EvilOverlord!)

'''[=EvilTemp=]''' is a subsidiary of TropeCo.