Trivia: Zac Brown Band

  • Creator Backlash: Zac Brown disliked the fact that "Toes" had to be censored for radio. His co-writer didn't mind.
  • Name's the Same: Their song "Free" entered the country charts literally the same week that another song by Jack Ingram titled "Free" fell from the charts.
    • In 2015, a group named A Thousand Horses debuted on the charts. Their guitarist? Zach Brown.
  • Network to the Rescue: Atlantic Records picked them up for distribution rights partway through the run of "Chicken Fried". However, they later switched to RPM Entertainment, and reverted to just their own label for The Grohl Sessions.
  • What Could Have Been: ZBB very well could've never broken through had Zac not suddenly decided against letting The Lost Trailers continue to go forth with their version of "Chicken Fried".