!![[{{Film/Ultraviolet}} The movie]]

* CreatorKiller: The Movie killed Kurt Wimmer's directing career. He has since then gone back to writing and writing only.
* DuelingMovies: With ''Film/UnderworldEvolution'' or ''Film/BladeTrinity'' or possibly both and maybe even with ''Film/ThirtyDaysOfNight'', which would explain why the vampire subtext seemed a little buried.
* ExecutiveMeddling: The original cut of this film clocked in at about 120 minutes. The version shown in theaters? 88. And apparently, both Milla and Kurt were locked out of the editing process. The extended cut on home video clocks in at 97 or so minutes and is better, but unavailable on Blu-Ray because Sony refused at the time to allow unrated or NC-17 content on the format. Double whammy. The {{Novelization}}, however, uses the [[WhatCouldHaveBeen unedited story]].
* OldShame: Although she did the DVDCommentary (one of ''Website/TheOnion'''s "Commentary Tracks Of The Damned"), Creator/MillaJovovich dislikes this film. Can you blame her?

!![[{{Series/Ultraviolet}} The TV series]]

* TechnologyMarchesOn:
** In vitro fertilization is considered cutting edge.
** Everybody carries around small video cameras to identify the vampires, which would have been superfluous in the age of the camera phone.