Trivia / Turnabout Musical
aka: Phoenix Wright Musical Project

  • Cut Song: Several songs got demos before being axed.
    • "Awakening", a precursor to "Reawakening".
    • "What Have I Done?", about Phoenix's despair after being arrested by Redd White.
    • "Face of the Samurai", about why Will Powers only acts in roles where his face is hidden.
    • "Swallow Your Pride", a precursor to "Alone".
    • "Useless", about Maya's feeling of uselessness after her run-in with von Karma's stun gun.
    • "Tomorrow's Trial", a precursor to "Tomorrow, at Last".
    • "The Price of Failure", about Phoenix believing his efforts to save Edgeworth were for naught.
  • The Other Darrin: The original voice of the Judge was Ghaleon von Karma. Due to real-life complications, he had to leave the project and was replaced by BigEngland. Both can be heard on the original soundtrack.
  • Saved from Development Hell: As said on the main page, this idea was formed in 2008, and in 2011 a song collection was released. It wouldn't be until December 2015 that the complete original soundtrack would finally be released, and it would be another year before the musical was performed in front of an audience.

Alternative Title(s): Phoenix Wright Musical Project