Trivia / Torin's Passage

  • He Also Did/Genre Adultery: Al Lowe received a bit of flack when people realized the creator of Leisure Suit Larry was creating a game that was meant for all ages. What people forgot was Lowe started out making family-friendly games like Troll's Tale, The Black Cauldron, and Dragon's Keep before creating the Leisure Suit Larry series.
  • So My Kid Can Play: Al Lowe designed Torin's Passage so he could play a computer game with his daughter. The game was designed with this ideal in mind; of a parent playing a game with their kid full of jokes both of them can enjoy.
  • What Could Have Been: This was intended to be a series, on par with any of Sierra's other "-Quest" series. There were to be four more games, chronicling the rest of Torin's life, from his marriage and assumption of the throne in the second game, up to his death in the fifth game. However, Ken Williams' departure and the eventual buyout of Sierra prevented this from happening. This would become Hilarious in Hindsight with the release of King's Quest (2015), which featured a similar structure for King Graham. Yes, even the death part.