Funny / Torin's Passage

Now, then, where do we even begin with this game? Rule of Funny is in full effect, so this should be a good—sized page in the end.

  • A favorite moment is inevitably getting the tile in the seraglio. The failure for it involves Boogle being turned into a baseball with the ladies as pitcher and batter. Getting it properly is a two-in-one, as first, the ladies are sent out screaming due to the skunks' stench being wafted their way, and then comes sending Boogle through the door in the lower level for 30 seconds of off-screen insanity.
  • After fulfilling all of the Gatekeeper's demands in the first world, but before leaving, going back to where he sat leads to Torin saying "Looks like the old boy took the square root pi(e) and split. Hope he doesn't get a divide-by-zero error." (cue comical drum roll)
  • Torin launches himself from a catapult, and ends up face-first in the mud. Boogle stops to laugh at him...then the cannonball you used to avoid overshooting the land clobbers Boogle on the head.
  • The beginning of the final world: Boogle breaks the Fourth Wall to revive Torin, followed by some wacky air vent shenanigans that ends with Torin falling so far, he has to catch his breath in the middle of screaming.
  • Two death scenes in particular: If you try to climb down the rickety ladder in the seraglio in Escarpa, and if you click on a bad spot when climbing the slippery slope in Tenebrous (or try to climb it without the grass's help). Both times Torin will plummet to his death, shouting "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! (thud) Aaaaaaahhhhh! (thud) (thud) (thud) aaaaaahhhhh (thud) ahhhhh..."
  • The secret Al Lowe Easter Egg. It involves the bagpipes.