Trivia / The Simpsons S 1 E 13 Some Enchanted Evening

  • Old Shame: For everyone on the original crew, including James L. Brooks, who called it "shit" and threatened to cancel the show if the animation wasn't improved.
  • Orphaned Reference: A lipstick stain can still be seen on the front door after the scene explaining how it got there was reanimated. In the original version, Homer accidentally slammed the door into Marge's stretched out lips, but this scene was reanimated so Marge's lips didn't stretch out too far and never touched the door.
  • What Could Have Been: More like What Almost Wasn't: This episode was so fraught with animation errors and Troubled Production issues that James L. Brooks and Matt Groening threatened to cancel the show if "Bart the Genius" (the next episode in production code order) came out worse than this — meaning that The Simpsons would have been a Short Runner.