Trivia / The New Guardians

  • What Could Have Been: For some reason, the original name for this team was going to be The Trumps, but they didn't go with that name, because they worried about being sued by Donald Trump.
  • Retool / Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • "Extraño"note  shows up again in the 2016 mini-series Midnighter and Apollo, as a distinguished middle-aged gentleman with a much better fashion sense, a werewolf husband, and an adopted daughter. His morals seem a bit ambiguous (the villain tries to recruit him against the heroes, and while he immediatately refuses, he says he does so because going against them would be suicidal; on the other hand, he happily helps the heroes later, apparently mainly out of empathy or gay solidarity), but he's still a very powerful magician and ends up included in the heroes' circle of friends.