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Trivia: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  • Actor Allusion: In Episode 73, Lydia says "Being grown-up is totes Squaresville, Sis."
  • The Bechdel Test: Passes in Episode 16, to creator Bernie Su's embarrassment ("Why did it take us this long??"). Bernie Su is too hard on himself, as episode 2 has Lizzie and Jane discussing her professional life.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Jane being afraid of zombies possibly makes her a Boomerang Bigot. But she managed to enter the world of 2 Broke Girls (as a jewelry counter girl), take her share of human flesh, and come in the Bennet household and become the perfect eldest sister really quick! She was also on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. ... and on Character, another webseries, as an actress.
    • Apparently, Zelda from Squaresville has undergone personality reversal and suddenly has two elder sisters who like fashion and vlogging. Changing her name to Lydia was probably the best way to escape her original identity as a small town outcast.
    • Spencer will never be a lab rat again, unless he realizes the error of his ways. He is on the Dark Side and works in a capitalist firm.
    • Apparently, Mr. Collins also visited Castle in 4x22. Oddly, enough, that episode was about zombies.
    • Caroline Lee was cast as Suki, but had her scenes cut, in the movie of which we do not speak.
    • Darcy was on And he swam laps against Don Draper.
    • Bing Lee was once a boy from a Native American community who went for an initiation ritual in the woods with his best friend. It went downhill from there... He also was on Hollywood Heights and The Bold And The Beautiful (where he worked as an attractive waiter, proving that he has had second thoughts about remaining a Workaholic medicine student).
  • One of Us: Maria Lu is a quintessential fangirl for every nerdy show out there, while Gigi Darcy, as one YouTube commenter stated, "Is the captain of [the Lizzie/Darcy] ship!!!"
  • Real-Life Relative: Kitty Bennet is played by Mary Kate Wiles' cat Rosie.
  • Teasing Creator:
    • Episode 60 is going to be a doozy, because who should walk into frame of the very last second of 59 but William Darcy. In the credits hidden in the video's description, his actor is listed as "?"
    • Repeated in episode 97 when Darcy walks into shot in the last few seconds of the episode.
  • Word of God: Loads of it. They all frequently tweeted and wrote longer articles.
    • If we are to believe Maxwell Glick's opinion (expressed here), Ricky honestly means well, but he suffers from a lack of social skills and doesn't understand that he hurts others (whether it is because he is awkward or because he is too centered on his career and himself is still up in the air).
    • Even after getting called out in episode 64,Caroline Lee is still plotting against Lizzie according to the lead writer, Bernie Su.
    • Charlotte's remarks about working on Lizzie's diaries rather than her own videos in episode 42 were said in the heat of the moment. She really did consider the videos "their project" rather than just Lizzie's.

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