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YMMV: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  • Actor Shipping: The imagination of avid fans ran wild in pairing Ashley Clements (Lizzie) and Daniel Vincent Gordh (William Darcy), even though the two told them mildly that they didn't wish it. As if that ever stopped crazed fangirls and fanboys.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Lizzie : a manipulative vlogger who retorts to Slut Shaming against her little sister, publishes everyone's private life on the internet and judges everyone harshly or a Stepford Snarker who needs to snark on the internet to bear the fact that her mother is a misogynist, that most of her neighbors are snobs or materialists and that her financal situation and future are uncertain, and who snaps out of anger that her sisters's lives are going completely out of control, because they are preparing themselves to live as someone's trophy wife instead of trying to be individuals like she is?
      • Lizzie herself thinks sexism has nothing to do with her mother's behavior and that if she had a brother her mother would be just as keen to set him up.
      • Lizzie's mother is still outrageously inappropriate and sabotages her daughters' relationships with her zeal. Even if that isn't born of sexism, it's still a hell of a thing to have to deal with.
    • Lydia: Egotist and talented Drama Queen who manipulates everyone and annoys her sisters or neglected young girl desperately trying to reach to everyone while trying to make her great talent recognized?
    • Caroline Lee: A mean and haughty girl who Charlotte and Lizzie criticized realistically for joining William Darcy in his crusade against the world... or a naive and brutally honest spoiled girl who at least is not a Hypocrite about how she likes money, becomes the pawn of two manipulative vloggers and has a crush on a childhood friend which people find annoying because she sees right through his behavior?
  • Broken Base:
    • Ricky Collins.
      Commentator n 1: Oh My God, this guy is too much. Lizzy, run from that guy, run fast... (...) I totally get you, I can't stand guys like that.
      Commentator n 2: Mr. Collins is so geekily adorable :) "it would excite me greatly if I could see your analytics" Oh me! Oh my! Precious!
    • Episode 42 divided fans into two groups: those who sympathised with Charlotte, and others who took Lizzie's side.
    • The same thing happened again in episode 73, but with Lizzie and Lydia this time. "Team Lizzie" members tended to be elder sisters who have had similar experiences and/or readers of the original book; "Team Lydia" was mainly made up of younger sisters and they often hadn't read P&P (and therefore were less likely to know the Foregone Conclusion and hadn't encountered the more annoying version of Lydia).
    • Episode 87 divided the fanbase between "Team Lizzie" and "Team Lydia" again. On the one hand, Lydia is claimed to have had public sexual contact with a boy whose name she couldn't remember at Carter's. The same Lydia who always wanted money and fame and was mesmerized by George Wickham. On the other hand, it could be argued that Lizzie treated Lydia horribly. She leaves her job shadowing gig with the express purpose of going home to berate Lydia without bothering to find out Lydia's side of the story. Which it turns out Lydia didn't even know about the website so it became a real awful moment
    • The entire "Lydia and Wickham" arc fits as many fans were not happy at how the arc played out, the wider Unfortunate Implications behind Lizzie's remarks to Lydia, or even using idea of using the sex tape in lieu of Lydia eloping with Wickham.
  • Crack Ship: Lizzie Bennet/Caroline Lee, Charlotte Lu/Caroline Lee, Lydia Bennet/Ricky Collins
    • There is a George Wickham/Caroline Lee fanfic, it is actually pretty non-cracky though it was canon-balled by later episodes.
    • In a lot of the later Lydia Bennet videos and during the sex tape arc a lot of the commenters said that they ship George Wickham/a pool of hungry sharks or George Wickham's face/William Darcy's fist
  • Double Standard: Releasing the sex tape is gonna ruin Lydia's reputation and even eventual career, not Wickham's. Probably Truth in Television. The website doesn't even have George's name on it.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Lydia, of all characters. As far as the original novel go, she has no fans whatsoever. In the webseries, she was adored.
    • In Lydia's spin-off, Mary seems to receive a comparable treatment.
    • Charlotte has a huge fanbase. Bernie Su, one of the head writers of the show, calls it "The YAY CHARLOTTE effect."
    • Maria Lu was well-like in her spin-off. She's a cutie and such an adorable fangirl. However, there were also voices heard that she's quite unnecessary and that her story-line didn't have any deep meaning.
    • Lydia's cat, The Kitty Bennet has over 3600 followers. The Internet does run solely on cute cats.
    • Fitz has appeared for just one episode and immediately became a fan favourite. In the novel, he shows up just once as Darcy's friend. Here he ships Darcy and Lizzie. Male match-maker? That is rare in fictionland.
    • Gigi's no nonsense approach to shipping made her nearly universally loved by the fandom, though some fans miss gentle, sweet and timid Miss Darcy of the book.
  • Even the Guys Want Him:
  • Fanon: Many commenters speculate that Lydia slept with Hank to get to Vid Con. (Specifically, she winked at the camera after saying she "had friends in high places.") Later she got her own video blog, which makes you wonder...
  • Flame War: Episode 41's first fits of comments went very much near this. It desserves a special mention, as the fandom is usually polite and understanding, and the top comments in other videos often contain compromises, and, once, two people apologizing for getting too far in an argument and someone congratulating them.
  • Fountain of Memes:
    • Lots of LBD-related gifs are centered on Lydia's moments.
    • William Darcy (or rather, the girls' interpretation of him) provokes this very, very often. Charlotte!Caroline's "fake-texting" and Jane!Darcy's "it's super-important" was particularly well-liked.
  • Fridge Logic: Isn't there any legal way for Lydia and her family to prevent Wickham from publishing the sex tape? It's not like she's given him a written permission to distribute it, or something. Of course, money is probably an issue (so they can't take it to the court) and that's what Darcy might be for. But the thing is, in the book they were really at Wickham's mercy and had to bribe him into marrying Lydia, and here the law is on their side. Why didn't they just involve police? They could find Wickham just fine.
  • Grow the Beard :
    • Averted for lots of fans who likes the series, their ideas and general tone right from the scratch.
    • Between episode 20 and episode 27, for many viewers.
    • The Drama Bomb of Episode 42 really demonstrated the creators' willingness to pull no punches. Career versus studies? Money issues? — Yes, please.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In episode 69, Lydia claimed that she is "an excellent judge of character, unlike Lizzie". This was before she started dating George Wickham.
  • She Really Can Act:
    • Lizzie (Ashley Clements) and Charlotte (Julia Cho) were never considered bad actors but they both really shone in Episode 41.
    • Mary Kate Wiles was always considered an awesome actress, but the abuse storyline and the way she and Wes Anderhold handled it gave them a new kind of credibility as actors and characters for the fandom and was praised countless times.
  • Love to Hate: George Wickham became universally loathed when he started appearing on Lydia's videos.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Lydia. Just watch episode 37, and everything she does for her sisters. Is she ever thanked? Nope!
    • Lizzie is one also.
  • Misaimed Fandom: There seems to be a portion of the fandom that thinks Lydia and George are sweet together.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Just in case you had any delusions about George being a Jerk with a Heart of Gold... on the video in which Lydia announces to the world how much she loves him, Wickham posted a link to a website that allows you to preorder the Lydia Bennet sex tape. Which releases on Valentine's Day.
    • Fridge Horror: Which makes you think, what if he had attempted to do something similar to Gigi had Darcy had not found out about them in time? It could have been Gigi.
  • Narm: Mary Kate Wiles is arguably one of the best actresses in this show, but her reaction to the revelation that Wickham's going to publish their sex tape in Episode 85 is so overtly dramatic, that may come out as just plain funny to some.
  • One True Pairing:
    • Comments on Episode 28 include declaring Jane and Bing as the OTP.
    • An alarming number ship Charlotte and Ricky. A few may be emigrants from the novel fandom, where Mr. Collins' proposal did involve getting down on one knee.
    • In-universe: Gigi sees Lizzie and Darcy as her OTP.
  • Pandering to the Base: Starting after episode 43, with the introduction of Maria Lu and George Wickham, and happily, it isn't going to stop soon!
  • Unfortunate Implications: A few watchers were uncomfortable with Lizzie supposedly "Slut Shaming" Lydia. Lizzie responded to this in a Questions and Answers video (her response essentially being that she doesn't mind women who have a lot of sex but are responsible about it, but that's not what Lydia is).
    • Alternate Character Interpretation: Her roughness is due to fear for her little sister. This makes her more sympathetic and much closer to the Elizabeth Bennet from the book Pride and Prejudice. It is confirmed by a passing remark in epidode 17, and expanded upon in the Secret Diaries books where she writes in her diaries how worried she is about Lydia.
    • It has royally come to bite Lizzie in the ass by Episode 87
  • The Woobie:
    • Jane. It was hard to watch such a sweet young woman being heart-broken. Episode 48.
    • Gigi Darcy. Wickham treated her appallingly. They lived together for a while, but he was just with her for her money/flat/free food etc.
    • Lydia, particularly after she starts dating Wickham.

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