!!The 1980 film:

* CastingGag: Mother and daughter Janet Leigh and Creator/JamieLeeCurtis. Also ''Halloween'' co-stars Nancy Loomis and Charles Cyphers in addition to Curtis. All three interacted a lot in ''Halloween'' but are almost completely separate in this.
* CreatorCameo: Creator/JohnCarpenter plays Father Malone's assistant Bennett at the beginning of the film.
* ProductionPosse: Three cast members from ''Film/{{Halloween|1978}}'' return - Jamie Lee Curtis, Charles Cyphers and Nancy Loomis.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: Stevie's radio station plays jazz music, because it was more affordable than rock music on such a low budget.
* RomanceOnTheSet: Adrienne Barbeau and John Carpenter were married at the time, the part of Stevie being written especially for Barbeau.
* RealLifeRelative: Janet Leigh and Creator/JamieLeeCurtis, mother and daughter.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** The role of Father Malone was offered to Creator/ChristopherLee, but he couldn't make it. A role was also offered to Creator/KurtRussell.
** The original cut of the movie was only 80 minutes. To pad things out for a theatrical release, John Carpenter had several new scenes reshot. Among those includes the opening scene with John Houseman telling the ghost story. It's easy to spot the re-shot scenes, as Elizabeth's hair changes in length.