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* CowTools
* FarSideIsland

!! Other Trivia:

* BigNameFan: Jane Goodall was a longtime reader of the strip, and she in particular enjoyed one fairly controversial comic that poked fun at her.
* ExecutiveMeddling:
** Arguably a [[TropesAreNotBad positive example]]. Part of his commemorative book, "The Prehistory of the Far Side", consists of him saying how grateful he is that his editors kept him in line and prevented certain risky cartoons from making it to the newspapers. He even credits one case of this as saving his career.
** [[TropesAreNotGood However]], in the same book, he expresses his displeasure whenever strips were altered without telling him first. One particular case that he offers up involved a penguin among his hundreds of identical brethren singing "I Gotta Be Me," that the syndicate inkers decided to color yellow, which still worked as a minor heartwarmer, but also utterly ruined Larson's joke.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: The ''Tales from the Far Side'' DVD is perpetually sold out on Larson's web site and is unavailable elsewhere for sale. Your best hope to see the specials is to get lucky on a video-hosting site before they're yanked on copyright grounds.
* MustHaveCaffeine: In ''The Prehistory of the Far Side'', Larson says that one of the key ingredients in coming up with cartoon ideas is caffeine: "I get a couple cups of coffee in me and things start happening."
* WriteWhatYouKnow: Averted, according to ''A Prehistory of The Far Side'' the only cartoon that comes from personal experience is the one where a guy knocks himself unconscious by installing an extending bar in his doorway and doing a pull-up.