!!The TV Series:
* ActorAllusion: [[Series/BleakHouse Gillian Anderson and John Lynch seem to have something of a history]].
%%* NoExportForYou: It's widely exported worldwide, including Canada and the US.

!!The film:
* ActingForTwo: Everyone in the story, sometimes very well disguised.
* DoingItForTheArt: Tarsem funded this mostly with his own money to ensure complete creative control, shot it over multiple continents and locations and ''used solely practical effects with absolutely no CGI whatsoever.''
** Kinda...there was some CGI work done to remove railings and bystanders in some shots, and the [[spoiler:butterfly Wallace chases, and the arrows hitting Ota]] have a CGI look to them. Still, the overwhelming majority of the film was done practically, which is still an amazing achievement.
** The on-location shooting alone needs to be emphasized. There's a short montage that features the Great Wall of China for maybe two frames, and it was shot on-location.
* EnforcedMethodActing: [[Series/PushingDaisies Lee Pace]] spent the first 12 weeks of filming pretending to be a real paraplegic in order to make the story as real as possible for 6-year-old actress Catinca Untaru. He consistently went by the name of "Roy" and only a tiny handful of people on the set knew who he really was or that he could walk, everyone else being told he'd lost the use of his legs in a motorcycle accident.
** This wasn't as difficult to achieve as it might sound: it was only Pace's second role--and in his first, he played a transgender character--so it was unlikely anyone would recognize him.
** The first time the characters meet is also the first time the actors met, and the hospital scenes were shot in sequence so that the real relationship would develop and Cantinca would advance just as the fictional relationship and Alexandria did. More punishingly for the other actors, Cantinca was basically allowed to write her own dialogue and "Roy" had to respond in character to get the reactions needed for the scene. Everything involving her is some serious EnforcedMethodActing for everyone else.
* HeAlsoDid: At the time of ''The Fall'''s release, director Tarsem Singh was well known for directing the award winning 1991 video for Music/{{REM}}'s "Losing My Religion".
* RetroactiveRecognition: Lee Pace would go on to do ''Film/TheHobbit'' films.
* SleeperHit
* ThrowItIn: Alexandria's unintentional misreading of Roy's note as [[spoiler: "Morphin 3" as opposed to "Morphine")]] was an actual mistake by the actress in rehearsal that was worked into the film as a plot twist.

!!The band:
* AdoredByTheNetwork: The Fall were favorite band of BBC Radio DJ John Peel and its was rather good thing for the band to have one of the most respected, beloved and influential radio [=DJs=] in the world as [[BigNameFan their number one fan]], as he continuously played the band's records on his shows, giving them a major ColbertBump. Even though the band played Peel's radio show many, many times before Peel's 2004 death, he and Mark E. Smith only met face-to-face on two apparently awkward occasions.
** When the band performed "Eat Y'self Fitter" for the first time on Peel's radio show in March 1983, Peel actually ''fainted'' from how awestruck he was by the song and his producer had to resuscitate him.
** Peel kept a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Peel%27s_Record_Box large box of singles]] under his bed containing his favorite singles just in case he had to leave his house and his massive record collection during an emergency. His fans and friends noted that there were absolutely no Fall singles in the whole box. This is because his favorite Fall singles were housed in a ''completely separate box'' because there were too many.
* AuthorExistenceFailure: Smith died during the band's ''New Facts Emerge'' tour, which had several shows - including the band's first American tour dates in a decade - postponed or canceled due to his rapidly deteriorating health. Although he performed his final few shows from a wheelchair, and was [[{{Determinator}} still as lively and full of venom as ever]], video footage of those concerts show him to be exhausted, frequently out of breath or difficult to understand. Ultimately his health got so bad that the group had to scuttle several shows just before they were due to go on, including what would have been their final show on 17 November 2017.
** It's also likely, given the Fall's famed prolificness, that they probably planned to record a follow-up album in 2018 before he died.
* BlackSheepHit: The band's biggest UK chart hit is a cover of Music/TheKinks' "Victoria", which is a bit more poppy than their usual sound.
** "How I Wrote Elastic Man" is a meta-example - about a rock star pissed off that the only song anyone ever cares about is a BlackSheepHit where they don't even get the ''title'' right.
-->Everybody asks me how I wrote "'''P'''lastic Man"!
* ReclusiveArtist: Drummer Karl Burns, who had been a member of the band on and off from 1977 to 1998, more or less disappeared from the music scene after he left the band for the final time. He was the only long-standing member that Dave Simpson was unable to contact for his book ''The Fallen'' and other former members were unsure of his whereabouts. Simpson was only able to get in touch with Burns after the book was published, when Burns emailed him to ask for a copy.
* ThrowItIn: "Paintwork" goes through a couple of odd, abrupt sound collage breaks where the music suddenly becomes distant-sounding and gets drowned out by a program about astronomy and later, a brief snippet of classical music. This was because Mark E. Smith accidentally taped over parts of the song.
** A sample of Music/DaftPunk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" creeps into the intro of "Cowboy George".
* WordOfGod: The title of ''Reformation Post-TLC'': the "TLC" part stands for "traitors, liars, and cunts". This was the first album released after most of the ''Fall Heads Roll'' lineup quit, so just guess who that was supposed to be referring to...