Trivia / The Boxcar Children
aka: Boxcar Children

  • Name's the Same: Henry James Alden is named after his grandfather, and in the first book uses his first two names as a pseudonym — it doesn't help them hide from the grandfather.
    • Before the ice is broken, the grandfather is introduced as "Mr. Henry". He's far more successful.
  • Outlived Its Creator: The Boxcar Children series had only 19 books by its original creator, Gertrude Chandler Warner. Then, over a decade after her death, Albert Whitman of Albert Whitman & Company resurrected the series, producing over 100 more books due to reinterest (including a kid-friendly cookbook). Unsurprisingly, after Warner stopped writing them, continuity went right out the window. Notably, a couple pets introduced in her later books suddenly disappear, and sadly the storytelling quality does, too.
  • The Wiki Rule: Found here.

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