!! General trivia:
* It's no secret that the Big Show has acromegaly, the same condition that Wrestling/AndreTheGiant suffered from. This is the reason for The Big Show's huge size. Unlike Andre however, he actually got treated for it.
!! Specific trivia:
* FanNickname: The Big Slow, originally coined by [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]].
** Pig Slow, according to Creator/ScottKeith, who has no room to talk.
* HeAlsoDid: Appeared as a character of the week on ''Series/BurnNotice'' and ''Series/RoyalPains''.
** Was "Captain Insano" in the Creator/AdamSandler film ''Film/TheWaterboy.''
* OneOfUs: A big-time gamer, who has endorsed ''VideoGame/{{Destiny}}'' a lot recently.
* PromotedFanboy: Show was a [[JustForPun huge]] ProfessionalWrestling fan in his youth. His favorite wrestler was Wrestling/ArnAnderson. He stated that he would like Anderson to induct him into the Hall of Fame some day.