Trivia: Sugar Rush

  • Hey, It's That Guy! - Holy crap! Jo Watkins has moved to Brighton and is recruiting more succubi for Malakai!
    • Maya is there as well, and still getting screwed over.
    • Thelma's there too!
    • Wow, Eduardo Saverin looks so young in that show!
      • Or should we say what is Peter Parker doing in England?
  • Screwed by the Network: Channel 4 cancelled the show after Season 2, in spite of the critical acclaim, leaving the show with a few loose ends hanging (such as Sugar potentially moving in with Kim and Saint, and Stella's pregnancy). Olivia Hallinan even had a contract for a third and even a fourth season. To make matters worse, it was rumoured to have been cancelled to make way for the eighth series of Big Brother].