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Trivia: Star Citizen
  • Ascended Fanon: A few examples arose even before the game hit alpha. The developers have a good relationship with the game's early/crowdfunding community, and early community in-jokes have already begun to make their way into the actual development process.
    • Space Lube: The Geddon System, concept introduced during the crowdfunding campaign, introduces a commercial trade good - a high-quality space engine lubricant called "Planetsblood", produced and refined from one of the planets' active underground volcanoes. A possible tribute to the site's chat room regulars and the then-frequent devolution of live chat content to jokes, references, and innuendo about space lube and everything you'd want or need it for on a long spaceflight.
    • "Space Whale", an asteroid shaped like a whale from Earth. A huge attraction and tourist trap in the Nemo system. Obviously inspired by the chat meme of Space Whales.
    • "Lore Builder" is the invocation of this trope, with the developers selecting segments of the universe that haven't been fleshed out and choosing the best submissions.
    • The ship captain from the MISC Freelancer commercial has been named "Bob McCutcheon, Totally Legitimate Freighter Captain" by forum-goers.
  • Dueling Games: With Elite: Dangerous, the latest entry in the Elite series, though Chris Roberts personally backed Elite: Dangerous's Kickstarter and encouraged his own backers to do the same, and David Braben of Elite is an alpha backer of Star Citizen.
  • Schedule Slip: The initial intended release date was November 2014, but that has since been pushed back to early 2015.

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