Trivia: RoboCop: The Series

  • Defictionalization: GPS that provides driving directions and real time updating of traffic conditions via the Internet? Nowadays, we have something similar called Waze. What the show portrayed was pretty much Rule of Cool back in the 90s when all real-life GPS devices could do was provide the user with a coordinate in numeric form and a rudimentary compass function, and you had to use a map with it to figure out where you are.
  • Hey, It's That Guy! / Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Richard Eden (Brick Wallace) is RoboCop.
    • Blu Mankuma (Tigatron, Tigerhawk, Joe Reese) is Stan Parks, the show's version of Sgt. Reed. This also wouldn't be the last time he played Murphy's superior officer as he voiced a version of the actual Reed in Alpha Commando.
    • Andrea Roth (Janet Gavin) is Andrea Powers/NeruoBrain.
    • James Kidnie (Amos Fortune) is "Pudface" Morgan.
    • Roddy Piper appeared in "RoboCop Vs. Commander Cash" as Tex Jones, a scientist, graphic artist and a subversive superhero.
    • Kim Coates appeared in "The Tim Man" as Murphy's former partner, Tim Malloy.