Trivia / Renegade

For the TV Show:

  • Descended Creator: Dutch is played by Stephen J. Cannell himself.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Most older viewers will recognize Lorenzo Lamas (Reno's actor) as Lance Cumson from Falcon Crest and the jock from Grease. These days people know him as Hector Ramirez from The Bold and the Beautiful.
    • Branscombe Richmond (who played Bobby Sixkiller) was a bad guy in the Steven Seagal movie Hard to Kill, and he was also Mathayus' half-brother.
    • The show's Big Bad is also the show's producer. Just watch the post-credits closing logo scenes.
    • Rorschach was in the show's fifth episode.

  • The Hammerfall song Renegade is based on the TV-series.