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* ''Trivia/{{Predator 2}}''
* ''Trivia/{{Predators}}''

!![[Franchise/{{Predator}} Series-wide]]:

* ImageSource: This franchise provides the page image for:
** CreepySouvenir (from ''VideoGame/PredatorConcreteJungle'')
** DigitalDestruction (from the original ''Film/{{Predator}}'')
** ShoulderCannon
* NetworkRedHeadedStepchild: Fox has basically treated this series as an afterthought in comparison to the much adored ''Franchise/{{Alien}}'' series.
* TropeNamers: This series has named the following tropes:
** IAintGotTimeToBleed
** StabTheScorpion

!![[Film/{{Predator}} Trivia for the first movie]]:

* ActingForTwo: It's brief and subtle, but the unnamed ''choppah!'' pilot at the end is none other than the Predator himself, Kevin Peter Hall.
* AllStarCast: It reads like an '80s action fan's wet dream.
* TheCameo: The pilot of the helicopter in the last scene is Kevin Peter Hall - the Predator himself!
* CompletelyDifferentTitle:
** ''The Hunter'' (Greece) (Also the working title of the movie, minus "the", until the design was refined)
** ''Prey'' (Turkey)
* ExecutiveMeddling: The studio sent a memo that there should be more gunshots in the film. This led to [=McTiernan=] adding the scene where the team panics and pumps hundreds of rounds into empty jungle.
* HeAlsoDid: The Predator himself, Kevin Peter Hall, also played Bigfoot in ''Film/HarryAndTheHendersons''.
* TheOtherMarty: The Predator was originally played by Creator/JeanClaudeVanDamme, but difficulties with the original costume (Van Damme claimed it was too hot to move in at all) and the decision that the Predator needed to be more physically imposing to be seen as a serious threat to [[RatedMForManly all the bodybuilders playing the humans]] lead to him getting recast (along with the Predator costume being redesigned). Some of the scenes with the [[VisibleInvisibility invisibility distortion]] effect were shot with JCVD.
* ThrowItIn: Courtesy of Creator/JamesCameron himself! When the production crew's first attempt at the creature effect failed spectacularly, they decided to hire Creator/StanWinston for the film. The two were flying to Japan and while Winston was doing preliminary design sketches, Cameron saw what he was doing and said "You know, I always wanted to see something with mandibles." Winston then included them in his designs.
* TroubledProduction: So much that the Kevin Peter Hall said that "it wasn't a movie, it was a survival story for all of us."
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: As mentioned above in TheOtherMarty, the Predator was originally envisioned as a giant insect like creature with a rat like head, golden eyes and big claws, but the overall look of the original design was felt to be both far from scary and not really practical to film in the jungle, so it was completely redesigned by Stan Winston and recast (with Kevin Peter Hall replacing Jean Claude Van Damme).
** The film's original title was ''Hunter'' and was to feature a Native American soldier as the lead. This character eventually evolved into Billy, played by Sonny Landham.
*** Fans of Creator/AlanSilvestri could have had a ''legal'' soundtrack release (there was a bootleg) long before there actually was one - Fox had intended to release an album paired with Michael Kamen's work for the first ''Film/DieHard'' in 1993 as part of Fox Records' series of releases. Unfortunately it and several other planned albums never surfaced (nor did a ''Predator'' soundtrack arrive until 2003, courtesy of Creator/VareseSarabande).
* Three members of the cast ran for governor of different U.S. states, with two taking office. This led to the amusing OverlyNarrowSuperlative that Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger can be called "the best gubernatorial candidate in the cast of a 1987 sci-fi action movie involving an alien". Some may disagree on whether he's truly better than Wrestling/JesseVentura, but the funny thing is, no matter which of them you prefer, neither of them is the worst. That distinction goes to [[ Sonny Landham]].