Trivia / Peace on Earth

  • Creator Backlash: While this was one of only three films of Hugh Harman's that he didn't grow to hate, Hugh stated in an interview that he wasn't completely satisfied with how the film turned out, and felt that the film needed to be far longer than it was.
    "Peace on Earth was a tough one to animate and to write. We shouldn't actually have made that as a one-reeler, we should have made it in about three to five reels. We cut it and cut it and cut it; we didn't cut footage that was animated—nobody in his right mind does that, unless it's bad. But cutting the storyboard and switching around. It has some flaws. I just got tired of it near the end. That's always been a weakness with me, that I get so fed up on it at the end of a picture that I would just as soon turn it over to the Girl Scouts to make. Unless it were a feature that would warrant going on with costs forever. I've observed that as a weakness in myself, that I often end up with a weak, insubstantial ending for a picture."
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: There is a long standing rumor that the cartoon was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but this was never the case—the cartoon isn't listed in their online database. The Nobel Prize Committee did know about the film and liked it, but it never actually got a nomination.
  • What Could Have Been: Hugh and Rudy planned a feature-length remake of this short in the 1980s, but the idea never came to be.