Trivia: Passions

  • The Character Died with Him: Timmy was Tabitha's faithful companion for centuries, always being sewn back together once Tabitha had reincarnated into a new form. He even survived a few maulings by their familiar, a bitchy housecat. Timmy finally ran out of continues when Tabitha reluctantly implanted his heart to Charity to de-zombify her. Ironically, John Ryan Evans died the day after his death scene was aired; Evans was slated to return in a new guise, but succumbed to a heart condition.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: 1st Jessica Bennett is Ramona Flowers in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: John Reilly's meth-fueled performance on the short lived Sunset Beach was such a hit that he got to play basically the same role on this show. In the soap world, he's renowned for playing Sean Donely on General Hospital, which he reprises over a 30-year span.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Skeletor was the voice of Alistair Crane during the days when the character still kept off-camera. Yes, really.
  • The Other Darrin: Too many to list, so here's a list from The Other Wiki.
  • Romance on the Set:
    • Lindsay Korman (Theresa) and Justin Hartley (1st Fox) first met on the set of the show. They married in 2004.
    • Natalie Zea (2nd Gwen) and Travis Schuldt (1st Ethan) are in a relationship.
  • What Could Have Been: When Charity initially came back recasted, she was scripted to have a final showdown with Tabitha with the ghosts of Grace and Faith to help her. But her recast was so unpopular with fans that the final battle was cancelled and this Charity was rewritten as a copycat.
    • Word of God has also gone on record regarding the Luis/Sheridan/Antonio/Fancy storyline. Apparently if the show hadn't ended, Fancy was going to lose her child and then Luis and Sheridan would have an affair with each other, setting up a reunion and Antonio becoming a villain again.
    • Apparently, the writers had an alternate idea with Sheridan after she turned evil that they never went with. the idea was that "evil" Sheridan had actually been Beth all along, and the real Sheridan was once again being held captive.