!!Both ''[=PaRappa=]'' and ''[=UmJammer=] Lammy'' examples
* {{Bowdlerise}}: The American versions of ''[=UmJammer=] Lammy'' and ''[=PaRappa 2=]'' went through an admirable amount of this.
** In ''[=UmJammer=] Lammy'', the cutscene for Stage 6 was re-animated so that Lammy gets flung back through time and ends up on an exotic island, instead of dying and going to Hell. Also, the line where Yoko threatens to kill Lammy with her guitar (before she remarks that she's already dead) was removed and dubbed over.
*** Certain lyrics were changed too. References to the devil were changed to "a man" ([=PaRappa=]'s version) and "somebody" (Lammy's version) (while "The angel's been mean to me, that's for sure" became "My friend's been mean to me, that's for sure" in [=PaRappa=]'s version), "...so you can play in Hell" became "...so you can play in an island", "Choppin' the trees down for the fun" became "Knowin' that we're here for the fun", and "Chop all of 'em down, every single one down" became "Come on and get down, way single one down". (In [=PaRappa=]'s version, "I love choppin' down trees just for fun" became "I love rockin' to the beat just for fun" and the entire "Choppin' down trees, just for fun" lyric became "Rollin' up high in the sun".)
** In ''[=PaRappa 2=]'', all references to God were changed to "the man", the lyric "...tastes better than wine" was changed to "...you better get in line", and "Warm the buns" became "Toast the buns" (to avoid AccidentalInnuendo). However, they didn't seem to mind [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar "Slurp it! Suck it! I know you all like it!"]]
* CrossDressingVoices: Ryu Watabe as Ma-san.
* DevelopmentHell: [[http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/2340/interview_rodney_greenblat_the_.php This was the reason why there wasn't a ''[=PaRappa=] the Rapper 3''.]]
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: Due to RodneyGreenblat's popularity in Japan, he was chosen to design the game's characters and environment.
* HeyItsThatVoice: Is it just us, or does Lammy sound like a younger version of [[Series/GreysAnatomy Dr. Callie Torres]]?
* TheOtherDarrin: Sunny, Katy Kat and MC King Kong Mushi in ''[=PaRappa=] 2''. Katy goes through another VA change in ''VideoGame/PlaystationAllStarsBattleRoyale''.
* TalkingToHimself: Throughout the series, there is a number of actors who have voiced many numbers of characters. They include:
** Michele Burks as Katy Kat and Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken in ''[=PaRappa=] 1''.
** Armstead Christian as PJ and Papa [=PaRappa=] in both the ''[=PaRappa=]'' game and its 2001 sequel.
** "Sandra" as Instructor Mooselini, Chunky Burger Restaurant Manager, and vocalist for the song "Funny Love".
** Ryu Watabe as Joe Chin, Chop Chop Master Onion, ''[=PaRappa=] 1''[='=]s TV Announcer, [[CrossDressingVoices Ma-san]], and Captain Fussenpepper.
** MC King Kong Mushi's voice actor, Richard Bush, also does the voices of the Two Punks in both ''[=PaRappa=]'' games, and Chief Puddle in ''[=UmJammer=] Lammy''.
*** Dean Bowman, King Kong Mushi's [[TheOtherDarrin Other Darrin]] in ''[=PaRappa=] 2'', also does the Guru Ant.
** Freedom Bremner as Boxy Boy and Hairdresser Octopus in ''[=PaRappa=] 2''.

!!''[=PaRappa=]''-only examples
* ActorAllusion: At the start of Vs. Mode matches in the second game, Boxy Boy will quote Hairdresser Octopus for no real reason. Both characters are voiced by Freedom Bremner.
* UrbanLegendOfZelda: Rumors suggested that one could play as Sunny Funny or as Chop Chop Master Onion in the original ''[=PaRappa=]''.

!!''[=UmJammer=] Lammy''-only examples
* NoExportForYou: Narrowly averted with the spin-off album ''Make it Sweet!'' Let Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} explain:
** "In the United States, the album was not released due to the commercial failure yet critical success of [=UmJammer=] Lammy. Due to that, the album was put for download on the Internet for free, although not on iTunes or Rhapsody."

!!''Anime''-only examples
* HeyItsThatVoice: Creator/KenichiSuzumura as Matt.
** Creator/NorioWakamoto, Creator/JurotaKosugi, Creator/YujiUeda, Creator/ShowtaroMorikubo, Creator/KotonoMitsuishi, Creator/KentaMiyake, and others also appear in smaller roles.
** [=PaRappa=] sounds like [[Creator/MiyuIrino a]] [[{{KingdomHearts}} certain Keyblade welder]]...can you guess who that might be?
* NoExportForYou: Why, Sony, why?! (It was, however, shown in the Central Europe region. With subtitles.)