Trivia / NationStates

  • Eternal September: The NationStates General forum (which is mainly a political discussion forum) has its own version of the original phenomenon - every summer, the forum gets a deluge of new posters with far-right views.
  • The Wiki Rule: The site has a dedicated Wiki for all member nations to expand on their nations here. Some nations break away and create a Wiki solely for their nation.
  • Follow the Leader: Several regions, such as Europeia, adopted a fully democratic system to simulate a government, and other regions have copied this system because of its success.
    • New nations will sometimes have a striking similarity to movies that have come out recently (and some old nations take from popular culture as well, without much alteration in many cases).
  • Life Imitates Art: In 2003, one of the game's earliest issues has the crazy idea of building a massive concrete wall along the nation's borders: this is meant to be a satire on anti-immigration attitudes taken to an ad absurdiam extreme. In 2016, Donald Trump made a wall along the US-Mexican border one of his campaign promises for the US Presidential Election.