* ActorAllusion: During Danny Glover's cameo, as he and Mel Gibson come face to face and they act like they recognize one another, the two note guitar overture from ''LethalWeapon'' faintly plays.
* AllStarCast: Within the many [[TheCameo cameos]]. Country singers and old western-actors have supporting roles, especially during the All River's Draw Poker Championship, as Robert Fuller, Denver Pyle, William Smith or [[Film/{{Blacula}} William Marshall]].
* CastingGag:
** A bankrobber (who states that he's "getting too old for this") is played by Danny Glover, who co-starred with Gibson in ''Film/LethalWeapon''. Also an ActorAllusion.
** Similarly, several cheats in the big riverboat championship are thrown overboard. The first is Clint Black, who is also the singer of the song over the very montage he's tossed out in.