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Trivia: Masters of Horror
  • Actor Allusion: Wheeler from "Pick Me Up" claims to be a cop and to have served in New York years ago.
  • The Danza: Averted in "Sick Girl". Misty Mundae is credited under her real name Erin Brown.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Several directors use familiar cast members from their films and almost every episode contains at least one well-known actor.
    • The Tall Man is related to an Incident On and Off a Mountain Road.
    • Paul has changed the dreams about mermaids for Dreams in the Witch-House.
    • Freddy Krueger owns a nightclub where you can watch the Dance of the Dead.
    • Elliott is having hallucinations since he ate that Chocolate.
    • Daryl should stay away from the Cigarette Burns as much as the Walkers.
    • That disfigured prostitute left a deep Imprint in Barbas.
    • The Damned Thing is after Young Indy, and Joxer of all people wants to absolve him.
    • Turns out Norm has more Family than Vera.
    • Hellboy is Pro-Life, and just became a grandpa!
      • Dear God, how did Penny end up carrying the Devil's child? I detect the hand of Dr. Claw in this...
    • His name is Robert Paulson and he sells Pelts.
    • Doc Brown recycled the Candyman for Valerie in the Stairs.
    • Looks like Tank Girl decided to settle down and raise a Fair-Haired Child.
    • Whatever you do, DON'T call Darryl Revok The V Word. Seriously.
    • Of course! Who else but Artie Nielsen would know the whole secret truth about The Washingtonians?
    • Tobias Beecher is out of jail, and now Sheriff Wydell is going to show him why We All Scream For Ice Cream.
    • Frank Sobotka got off the docks and got a new job, but it's not what it Sounds Like.
    • After breaking up with her Neo-Nazi boyfriend, Stacey is in need of a little Pick Me Up.
    • Yes, that's Trapper John trying to figure out The Screwfly Solution.
  • Missing Episode: The episode "Imprint" was never aired in the U.S. While it dealt with a lot of subject matter that American TV censors would find abhorrent (incest, prostitution, birth defects, child molestation, and abortion), it did eventually get released on DVD. An alternate interpretation holds that Showtime deliberately withheld "Imprint" from broadcast so they could publicize the DVD set as having a "too squicky for Showtime" episode.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Lucky McKee very nearly got Randy Newman to score the "Sick Girl" episode in the first season. Newman was interested but had to turn it down due to coming down with a case of chicken pox. Jaye Barnes Luckett (McKee's usual composer) ended up doing the episode.
    • Stuart Gordon originally intended to cast Jeffrey Combs as Mr. Masurewicz in "Dreams in the Witch-House", but a scheduling conflict led Campbell Lane taking the part. Combs later appeared in the Gordon-directed "The Black Cat".
    • Both George A. Romero and Roger Corman were offered to direct "Haeckel's Tale".
    • In the original short story on which "Pelts" was based, the cursed coat ends up in the possession of a homeless woman. The curse does nothing to her at all, because she only wears it for much-needed warmth.
  • Written By Cast Member: Steven Weber adapted the "Jenifer" comic.

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