!! The band:
* ApprovalOfGod: Adam has praised Julien Baker's {{cover version}} of "Accident Prone" from ''Dear You''.
* PromotedFanboy: They were big fans of Music/SteveAlbini and his work long before working with him themselves on ''24 Hour Revenge Therapy''.

!! The film:
* DawsonCasting: The four female main characters were well in their twenties when the film was released
** Intentionally done by the Director as an homage to films like ''Grease'' and ''Carrie'' where teens are played by actors who are clearly far too old.
* RetroactiveRecognition: Hey, Courtney is [[Series/{{Charmed}} Paige]]!
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Creator/RachaelLeighCook auditioned for the role of Julie, reading the scene where the three girls discover Liz is dead.