!!Tropes common to IC Japan
* EditedForSyndication: There was a ''lot'' cut from the final episode to get it to fit sixty minutes and the loads of commercials Food Network aired. Namely, a procession of all the challengers, a speech of thanks from Sakai, a farewell speech from Chen on behalf of all the Iron Chefs, Kaga bidding his Iron Chefs to now 'sleep' as their podiums are lowered, a farewell speech from Kaga, him biting one last yellow bell pepper as the camera zooms out on the challengers holding bell peppers, led by Hattori, Kandagawa, and Shu Tomitoku, one of the earliest challengers, and an epilogue by Kaga that hinted at the Millennium Cup's existence (though that last cut is understandable, as Food Network never dubbed it).
* HeyItsThatGuy: ''VideoGame/{{MOTHER}}'' series creator Creator/ShigesatoItoi made his appearance in only four episodes.
* MissingEpisode: Due to a combination of Food Network not licensing all the episodes and no official DVD or archive of the episodes, many episodes are considered missing, including, tragically enough, a few of the specials. There is a website dedicated to finding as many of the missing episodes as possible from old VCR recordings, but per the KeepCirculatingTheTapes rules, it can't be linked.
* NoExportForYou: Most Nakamura-era and Ishinabe-era battles.

!!Tropes common to IC (Western)
* BadExportForYou: The UK version used a confusing 4 vs 1 two-round format.
** Someone described it as '[=MasterChef=] with the Iron Chef label slapped on'.
* PromotedFanboy: Michael Symon is clearly a big fan of his fellow Iron Chefs. On both ''[=ICA=]'' and ''Cook Like An Iron Chef'' he makes regular references to their habits and styles (e.g. he mentions Morimoto every time he's chopping up a lot of ingredients).

!!Tropes common to all versions
* FanNickname: Bimbo du Jour (for the younger female guests), The East German Judge (Hosoki or Kishi - whoever's in the fourth seat that day and Jeffery Steingarten in that role in ICA)
** Chairman Mark is also one, as ICA generally refers to him as just [[NoNameGiven the Chairman]], and the fanbase needs a way to differentiate between the two Chairmen.
** A bit of an in-universe example, but some of the Iron Chefs have monikers of their own: Sakai is known as "Fish Sakai" or the "Delacroix of French cuisine", Kobe's the "Prince of Pasta", and Chen is the "Szechuan Sage".
* HeyItsThatGuy: [[Series/StarTrekVoyager Seven of Nine]] was a judge!
** So was [[Series/DrQuinnMedicineWoman Dr. Quinn!]] And [[Film/KillBill Sofie Fatale]] did it in the original!
** Um, that's not the Chairman... that's [[VideoGame/WingCommander Troy "Catscratch" Carter]]!
*** Really? I thought it was [[VideoGame/DoubleDragon Jimmy Lee]].
*** You're both wrong, he's [[Series/KamenRiderDragonKnight Eubulon the Advent Master]].
** ''Series/HellsKitchen'' competitor Ralph Pagano shows up on ICA.
** Anthony Anderson has also shown up as a judge, as has Julie White. Even Dave Batista from WWE appeared as a judge once, where he admitted he was a big fan of the show, got served bigger portions than the others, and admitted to being rather nervous that he ends up being a judge in the episode where the secret ingredient was snails.
** And now they're crossing the network streams: [[Series/ManVFood Adam Richman]] was a judge for Marc Forgione's first battle (Battle Bell Pepper).
** As far as the chefs go, several ''Series/TopChef'' competitors have either been sous-chefs (eg. Arianne from season 5 and Ed from season 7) or competitors (eg. Spike from season 4) in ICA.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Sadly, due to length/licensing issues, ''Iron Chef'' will likely never make it to DVD, leaving people to keep their old recorded tapes or search the net.
** Peculiarly enough, ditto for ''Iron Chef America'': only the Battle of the Masters is out on DVD.
** Averted in Australia: You Can Buy DVD's of the Dubbed Japanese version from SBS.
* ThePeteBest: Iron Chef Ishinabe.
** And for American audiences, Nakamura.
** In ICA, Wolfgang Puck.