Trivia / Inspector Rex

  • Adored by the Network: Australia's SBS has a love affair with this series, which they pretty much admit on their special Inspector Rex website. As of this writing the show has more-or-less been slotted in at 7.30pm on Thursday since 1997, and marathons are not uncommon.
  • Creative Differences: Ettore Bassi (the actor that plays Davide Rivera) and Andrea Constantini left the series because they did not want the series to marginalize the action and the main inspector in favor of a comedic atmosphere.
  • Re-cast as a Regular: Brandtner, Moser's replacement, and Hoffmann, Brandtner's replacement, were both played by actors who had previously appeared as villains. Elke Wilkens had played a minor character in the seventh season before playing Nikki Herzog.
  • You Look Familiar: Several Austrian actors also have reoccurring roles throughout the series. There is a special case with Denise Zich: she played a character in the chapter "Der Tod kam zweimal" (seventh season) before playing Erika Hedl in the two earlier chapters of the Italian revival.