* BasedOnADream: Mr. Fingers, the creature in the Well of Darkness.
* CreatorBreakdown: The author, Tarol Hunt, went through one around 2014, as he explained [[http://www.goblinscomic.org/i-quit/ in this blog post.]].
* FanNickname: The various versions of Minmax, Kin and Forgath in the Maze of Many tend to get these, and there are a few others.
** Scorpikin (a Kin with a scorpion's lower body)
** Pipemax (a [[TheSpeechless silent]] Minmax who constantly smokes a pipe, even in combat)
** Psimax (a [[PsychicPowers Psion]] Minmax)
** Forghast (a Forgath with a Ring of Undeath that makes him hideous)
** Browgath (a Forgath who constantly shouts "BROW!" and nothing else)
** Evil Klik is also called Junior by the forumgoers, because it calls Dies-Horribly "Father".
* GeniusBonus: [[http://www.goblinscomic.org/07252013/ Symun]], the friendly giant spider, ''really'' likes Forgath.
-->'''Forgath:''' Ew ew '''ew!''' He's licking my face! Wait, do spiders even have tongues?\\
'''Onyx:''' No, they don't.\\
'''Forgath:''' Then what the hell is he licking me with?!
:: Forgath would probably be happier not knowing that a spider's pedipalps are used for taste, smell, and [[{{Squick}} insemination]].
* IKnewIt: Show of hands everyone who foresaw [[spoiler:Psionic Minmax using the machine to come back to life.]]
* ImageSource:
** AnalogyBackfire
** BrokenPedestal
** SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining
* OfficialFanSubmittedContent: The dead adventurers caught in [[http://www.goblinscomic.org/05062015/ the first trap of the dungeon crawl]] where Minmax and the goblins team up are ''D&D'' characters whose illustrations or descriptions were submitted by readers of the webcomic.
* RealitySubtext: Spoilered for the sake of sensitive readers. This concerns Kin's RapeAsBackstory. [[spoiler:Really, only click through if you're sure you want to know. [[note]]Kin's backstory [[http://www.goblinscomic.org/kins-story-is-kind-of-true/ was based on the rape of Tarol's own mother]]. She was captured by four men, and raped and tortured for days. When she told Tarol, he was unable to get his mind off it. His fantasies of hanging out with his heroes became fantasies of hunting down his mother's rapists with his heroes. Eventually, he wrote about it, through Kin. And he based Dellyn off the four rapists.[[/note]]]]
* ReferencedBy: Tempts Fate makes a [[TheCameo Cameo]] in [[http://antiheroescomic.com/comic/260 a few strips]] of the webcomic ''Webcomic/AntiHeroes''.
* ScheduleSlip:
** The strip regularly suffers from this due to the artist putting everything in great detail for each page and having slight breakdowns. It culminated in a large breakdown in 2014 that the author just overcame near the end of the year.
** Still PlayedStraight, though differently, since an update timer was introduced. Originally, an update was scheduled every four days, then it went to five days. Also, when it ticks down to update time, it will occasionally skip back several hours (or even a day) and resume the countdown from there before updating.
** The update timer is no longer there. Since the return of the comic in September 2014, the pace has slowed to around one new page a month.
* SeriesHiatus: ''Tempts Fate'' was initially intended to have a new scenario roughly every month. But then Thunt tried to make a scenario that got too big for him to handle on time while still staying on schedule with the comic. After a while he then made a mini-scenario to keep people satisfied in the meantime, and even then that one got put on a hiatus too.
* SimilarlyNamedWorks: Not to be confused with the French comic book ''Goblin's'' (with an apostrophe). It is also about goblins, but here they are stupid comic reliefs and not heroes.