Trivia / Future War

  • Actor-Inspired Element: Daniel Bernhardt, who played The Runaway, is actually a skilled martial artist.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • For once, probably justified, considering that the original director turned in a cut that was 45 minutes long and consisted mainly of people sitting around and talking, with the occasional dinosaur thrown in here and there.
    • An arguably less justified (or at least more conventional) occurrence; the film's original ending involved Sister Anne leaving the convent to team up with the Runaway and help deal with any more Cyborgs that might come back from the future. As it turned out however, one of the film's main backers was a devout Catholic, and he demanded that the ending be changed so that Anne did join the convent after all. This also resulting in the ending which shows the Runaway becoming a counselor.
    • According to MST3KInfo: Filmmaker Dave Eddy revealed that this is another movie that kind of collapsed halfway through production and got taken over by another director (him). The original director, Tony Doublin, was battling with the movie’s producer, who felt the fight and action scenes weren’t being done correctly. (He might have been right!) Ultimately Doublin quit and Eddy and his team (dubbed the “Damage Control Unit”) was hired to salvage the movie as best they could. This is the result. He also noted that, while they did so, he and some of the crew remarked that it would be great if some day their movie would show up on Mystery Science Theater 3000!
  • Fan Nickname: Future Wax. Due in large part to how the title scrolls onto the frame in the opening (left-to-center zoomed in, then pulled back so the title fills the frame) so that the "r" is the very last letter to be revealed. Due in larger part to the bots misreading the title as one of the jokes on the MST3K episode.
  • No Budget: None. See Mary Jo Pehl's comment about the cardboard TV camera. Also, top billed Robert Z'Dar has a total of 30 seconds in the film.
  • Star-Making Role: If there's one good thing that came from this film, surprisingly enough, it's that it launched the career of Daniel Bernhardt. He used the film as a demo reel to win a part in the Mortal Kombat television series, and later landed supporting roles in both The Matrix Reloaded and John Wick. He was and is a stunt performer as well.