Trivia / FPS Russia

  • Author Existence Failure: Keith Ratliff, producer and member of the FPS Russia team who was responsible for finding many of the rare guns depicted (not to be confused with Kyle Myers, the actor) was shot in the head in January, in what seems to be an homicide. Afterwards, the channel stopped posting videos, and the crime is under investigation.
    • Ultimately subverted when, on February 19, Kyle returned with a new episode, dedicated to Keith.
    • However, as of April 2016 the channel hasn't posted new videos, and Kyle Myers was arrested in August 2017 on drug charges. The ATF subsequently raided his house and seized a large amount of firearms. If convicted, the channel is effectively dead as Myers having illegal drug charges on his record means he no longer has the right to own firearms in America.
  • Executive Meddling: In his episode about AR500 body armor, Kyle mentions wanting to show his confidence in the armor by putting it on and having his buddy shoot him, but YouTube (and his fans, and his agent, and his buddy) refused to go through with it. In a case of Tropes Are Not Bad, this was probably for the best.
  • Fake Russian: He's not actually Russian. The accent is a Shout-Out to a former co-worker of his, who is Russian.