Trivia: Elvis Costello

  • Creator Backlash Costello has expressed disappointment with Goodbye Cruel World. The liner notes to the 1995 reissue open with the sentence "Congratulations, you've just bought our worst album", but continue by explaining that he feels this way because the period in which it was made was marred by personal concerns and he chose the wrong approach to recording the songs. In 2004, he noted that:
    "Now, with the benefit of a little more distance, I am able to say that it is probably the worst record that I could have made of a decent bunch of songs."
  • Creator Breakdown
  • Old Shame: He seems to view his debut single "Less Than Zero" as this. It's only appeared on one of his numerous best-of compilations, and he's made some unenthusiastic comments about it over the years (basically regretting what he considers a lack of subtlety in the song).
  • Working Title
    • "Emotional Fascism" for Armed Forces.
    • "Idiophone" for Brutal Youth.