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Trivia: Doug Walker
  • Artist Disillusionment: He had it for a couple of days after the Bart's Nightmare Let's Play, where he was already in a bad way from jetlag and coming back from vacation. He got upset over people acting like the video had kicked their dog and wanted to do a Take That with Douchey in place of Chester as the mouthpiece for the fans, but Michaud talked him down. He very clearly still regrets this.
  • Creator Backlash: As far as he's concerned, Melvin, Brother of the Joker and Emo Jones are Un-People.
    • He's bashed the The Nostalgia Critic concept as a whole more than once. Critic's rant about being a shitty reviewer in the review of Scooby Doo and the film To Boldly Flee were both improvised, Donnie's rant in Demo Reel about taking something miserable from the past and obsessing over it was a direct reference to TGWTG's usual shtick, and he's had to ask con-goers to stop requesting memes and actually ask questions. He's also pretty horrified when anyone implies that they see the character's obsession with movies as something to emulate.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Other TGWTG contributors and fans seem to agree that the real Doug Walker is a ridiculously nice guy. (See Nice Guy on the main page.) Most of his characters are awful people or deeply screwed-up, or both.
    • The Nostalgia Critic is a bratty lunatic and a bag of issues.
    • "Ask That Guy with the Glasses" is a sadistic monster.
    • Chester A. Bum is a delusional drug addict.
    • Played with in the trailer for the TGWTG Volume 3 DVD, where Doug kidnapped someone and glued them to a chair to torture them (and promote the DVD).
    • Noted in the drive when they were talking about their tropes, though he seems to think it should be the other way round.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Has some problems with this himself in regards to The Nostalgia Critic and Demo Reel, and he references it in a larger context during "James Baxter The Horse":
    Doug: That's always the hardest thing, because if it does change the world that's great, but you're leaving yourself no option if it doesn't and it just makes the letdown all the more painful, like why put yourself through that pain.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Aside from Critic's status as a Cash Cow Franchise, he admits in the Avatar intro that one reason why he's doing the vlogs is because just watching them all in one night isn't cost-effective.
    • A few months before "Doug's Top 10 Hottest Animated Women" came out, Doug mused at Kollisioncon that he didn't want to do the list because it would come off as sexist and alienating to female fans, but he might have to if he needed views that badly.
    • One of the suspected reasons Demo Reel was cancelled in favor of rebooting the Nostalgia Critic is this.
  • Old Shame: After about a week since the 'premiere', esults were swept under the rug and never mentioned again.
  • Rule34 Creator Reactions: Doug enjoys the fic, brings it up a lot and has made fun of the people who expect him to be freaked out by the slash and some of the more... extreme things he and his characters have been put through. And Rob finds it all hilarious, as most big brothers would. Robin (Doug's wife) loves the slash fics so much that he joked in a vlog that it saved the marriage.
    • Taken a step further at 2012 Shadocon, where he states his full support for all the shipping and teases that he and his characters are always the ones submitting.
    • A little more muddled in "Fionna And Cake", where he complains that the art and fic of him are messed up and scary but demands slash with him and Jason regardless.
    • His characters run the gamut of reactions. Critic tried to bolt his closet door shut by complaining in a not well beloved editorial about the fanfic always making him gay, Donnie had a desperate-to-be-loved moment of wanting slash of himself, and Jimbroth snides in the DVD promo that there's too much slash in the fandom.
  • Talking to Himself: He does have loads of characters, and sometimes they interact with each other.
  • Tom Hanks Syndrome: It's obvious from commentaries, conventions and all the Cerebus Syndrome in his shows (detailed up above) that he's pleased at the positive reaction over his more dramatic acting and wants to continue doing it, while still keeping his love for character jokes intact.

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