Trivia / Death Comes to Town


  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Scott Thompson's First Nations character uses germ gel to get high. This was written as a loopy variant on the G-Rated Drug, but after the series, a news story came out about reservations actually having problems with people drinking germ gel.
  • Enforced Method Acting: As Bruce pointed out, a Fat Suit is really heavy to wear.
  • Reality Subtext: Scott Thompson was undergoing chemo for stage one non-Hodgkin lymphoma during production. Dusty's baldness was really his own, and he only portrayed a few characters to keep his work load from getting too heavy. Also, two of them die. Obviously, he's fine now.

Fun facts

  • Bruce McCulloch is the only main cast member to not play a woman in any episode.
  • Dave Foley voiced Buttonhole the cat.