Trivia / Cyndi Lauper

  • Creator Backlash: Lauper had such an unpleasant experience producing "Goonies 'r' Good Enough," first having Steven Spielberg back out of the project after she dared to criticize his vision for the accompanying music video, then being forced to tack the title of the movie it was made for onto the title for publicity and then having additional Creative Differences with Richard Donner for the music video, that she grew to loath the song. It didn't appear on her compilations until 2003 and she didn't perform it live until a year later. She eventually warmed up to it when she was asked to record a parody of it for the Bob's Burgers episode, "The Belchies."
    • Sean Astin (who played Mikey in The Goonies) has said in a couple interviews that he always regretted everyone's demeanor while making that music video because him, the other child actors, and the crew were all very low-energy and catatonic, giving the impression that none of them wanted to work with Cyndi. In truth, though, everyone loved working with her, and everyone's indifferent attitude was because they had just finished making the film and everyone was exhausted. Astin has said he's wished he could get back in touch with Cyndi to explain all this, as he feels parts of her animosity towards the song had to do with everyone's behavior during filming.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Thanks to her tireless work for LGBT rights, her colorful image, and songs like "True Colors", she's a huge gay icon and regularly shows up at LGBT events as support.
  • Old Shame: She's not too fond of her third album, 1989's "A Night to Remember" which she prefers to call "A Night to Forget" due to the album selling poorly, as well as drama involving her boyfriend David Wolf and the disassociation with the overall album production.
  • Romance on the Set: Cyndi Lauper dated Hulk Hogan during her stint with the WWF. However, in this clip, Hogan seems to suggest that he physically abused Lauper.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: Lauper's son is a huge Bob's Burgers fan and and it was he who convinced her to record the "Good Enough" parody "Taffy Butt" for the show's season 2 premiere, a Whole Plot Reference to The Goonies.