!!The film
* AllStarCast: Well, yeah.
* BoxOfficeBomb: The film only grossed $14.6 million on a $15 million budget and was one of the big flops of the 1985 Christmas season (possibly due to the MultipleEndings gimmick). However, it became a CultClassic on video and cable (where all three endings appeared together).
* CastingGag:
** Mr. Boddy can't stay for very long. In fact, he's just [[StealthPun Lee Ving]].
** This isn't [[Film/MurderByDeath the first time]] Mrs. Peacock's been involved in a manor murder mystery.
* ThrowItIn: The famous "I hated her ''sooooooooooooooooo'' much... Flames! Flames on the side of my face! Breathing... breathe-... heaving breaths..." scene resulted from Madeleine Kahn taking the original line as written in the script ("[[spoiler: Yes. I did it. I killed Yvette. I hated her.]]") and adding onto it, with the knowledge of director Jonathan Lynn (and no one else). You can see Creator/TimCurry [[{{Corpsing}} trying not to laugh]], while [[EnforcedMethodActing Martin Mull and Christopher Lloyd are looking around wondering who gave her those lines]].
* VindicatedByCable: HBO and broadcasts of this relatively inoffensive movie allowed ''Clue'' to stop being an OldShame for the cast and crew and become a cult hit, even with an AudienceParticipation midnight show, as detailed in a [[http://www.buzzfeed.com/adambvary/something-terrible-has-happened-here-the-crazy-story-of-how long article]] by Buzzfeed.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: So many things could have been even greater...
** Creator/CarrieFisher was supposed to play Miss Scarlet, but she had to go to rehab a week before filming began.
** Director Jonathan Lynn was a fan of Creator/RowanAtkinson and wanted him to play Wadsworth, but [[ExecutiveMeddling the producers]] said that Atkinson wasn't a big enough name for American audiences. So instead he cast lifelong friend Creator/TimCurry.
** A [[http://www.cluedofan.com/movie/movie_fourth_ending.htm fourth ending]] was filmed, but left out because it is less humorous than the others. In this one, Wadsworth killed ''all'' the victims due to his disgust at their behavior and a sick need for perfection, and reveals that he has poisoned the other characters as well. The FBI shows up, and Wadsworth confesses by beginning to reenact the plot again. When he gets to the part where he answers the door for Colonel Mustard, he flees. Wadsworth attempts to get away in a police vehicle, but hears a doberman growling from the backseat, and is attacked.
!!The board game
* MarketBasedTitle: "Clue" in North America, with Miss Scarlett losing a "T", Rev. Green being defrocked (or a businessman, which turns this into a PunnyName), and the distinguished Dr. Black given the pun name Mr. Boddy.
!!The British Game Show
* CastingGag: Mrs. White is played by Mollie Sugden in series 2. [[Series/AreYouBeingServed It's not the first time she's had to answer to someone named Peacock.]]