!![[Music/{{Chicago}} The band]]:
* SavedFromDevelopmentHell: ''Stone of Sisyphus'' was originally Chicago XXII in 1994. It was eventually released in 2008 as Chicago XXXII, after a label change (the original label was [[ExecutiveMeddling one of the main reasons]] why it wasn't released in '94) and with one track missing.
* ThrowItIn: On a lot of the early albums. Many fans got upset when the false start for "Happy Man" got removed from the Rhino remaster of ''Chicago VII''. Also, listen near the end of "Aire" for a more... humorous example.

!!The original nonmusical play:
* CreatorBacklash: The author of the original play, Maurine Dallas Watkins, was a devout Christian from a small town. She was so perturbed by the trials that led to the creation the play that she quit her job as a reporter covering murder trials to become a playwright, beginning with Chicago.
** She would later refuse to sell the play to Bob Fosse, whose wife had asked him to turn it into a musical. Some speculate that this is due to her reluctance to revisit it, likely because she feels guilty for getting the women acquitted due to her reporting. Fosse and his partners did not get the rights until she died, when her estate sold them to Fosse.
* RealitySubtext: The play is VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory, adapted from cases the author had reported on. The woman Velma was based on attended the original premiere of the play.
** The woman Roxie was based on did not attend the original play, instead dying two years after the release of the play from pneumonia. However, she did indeed fake a pregnancy during the trial and divorced her husband shortly after the trial ended.
** Mary Sunshine is based on the "sob sisters" originated by the Hearst Newspaper company to write sympathetic stories for the accused women. This angle on the murder trials helped sell papers, leading other papers to take up the strategy.
** There was indeed a woman convicted partially due to her inability to speak English. In reality, she was Italian, not Hungarian. She was later shown to be innocent.

!!The Broadway musical:
* ColbertBump: Of sorts. The 1996 revival was helped by the real-life O.J. Simpson trial, which highlighted celebrity, murder, and getting away with it. One program even described the show as "Outrageous in the 20s, scandalous in the 70s, and now just reads like a documentary."
* StuntCasting: The revival has become known for casting well known actors and singers in the three lead roles.

!!The musical film:
* ActorInspiredElement: Creator/JohnCReilly is such a clown enthusiast he insisted on designing his own clown make-up for 'Mr. Cellophane'. It was also his idea to incorporate Amos' application of the make-up during the number.
* AFIS100YearsSeries:
** AFIS100Years100Songs:
*** #98, "All That Jazz"
** AFISGreatestMovieMusicals: #12
* AwardCategoryFraud: Creator/CatherineZetaJones was nominated at the Oscar and BAFTA awards for Best Supporting Actress, even though the role of Velma Kelly in Chicago previously earned Creator/BebeNeuwirth a Leading Tony.
* AwesomeDearBoy: Creator/CatherineZetaJones was originally approached to play Roxie. Zeta-Jones asked "Who gets to sing 'All That Jazz'?" and when they said "Velma Kelly," she ''immediately'' requested to be cast as Velma, even though it was a smaller part, ''just'' so she could sing that song.
* CaliforniaDoubling: You'd think a movie named ''Chicago'' would be shot in [[UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}} the eponymous city]], wouldn't you? Nope, it's mostly Ontario. Naturally, this annoyed many Chicago viewers. When asked what he thought of the movie ''Chicago'', then-Mayor Richard M. Daley replied, "I would have liked it better [[TakeThat if it had been filmed in Chicago]]!" To a Toronto viewer who didn't see it as a big deal, Chicago film critic Creator/RogerEbert retorted, "If a musical named 'O Canada' were currently being filmed in Chicago, how would that make you feel?"
* CreatorCameo: Chita Rivera has a couple lines in the scene before Mama Morton arrives.
* CutSong: A few from the stage show, the most notable being Velma's "I Know a Girl", Roxie and Velma's "My Own Best Friend", and Velma and Mama Morton's "Class". The latter was actually recorded for the film and included on the soundtrack album, but cut from the original print for time.
* DyeingForYourArt: An interesting example. Even though the script didn't call for it, Creator/CatherineZetaJones decided to cut her hair short for the role because she was afraid that her ordinarily long hair might obscure her face during the dancing scenes, making the audience think that she had a double doing her dancing for her. With the bob haircut that she wears in the movie, there's no doubt that it's really her.
* FakeNationality: Katalin Helinski (the Hunyak) is a ''Hungarian'' character with a ''Polish'' surname played by a ''Russian'' actress. She also speaks a line of Russian briefly in the film after saying the rest in Hungarian.
* HideYourPregnancy: Creator/CatherineZetaJones was actually a couple months pregnant in this film when she started to show they would sometimes use a body double from the back and then shoot her from waist up so you could not see the slight bump that started to appear in certain scenes.
* TheOtherMarty: Creator/CharlizeTheron was cast as Roxie when Nicholas Hytner was set to direct. After he dropped out, she had to audition again for Rob Marshall - and lost the part to Creator/ReneeZellweger.
* RealitySubtext: Creator/ReneeZellweger had no singing or dancing training before the movie, mirroring how Roxie is an inexperienced character who has to learn along the way.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Creator/CatherineZetaJones was originally approached to play Roxie, but wanted to play Velma because of the song "All That Jazz".
** Music/BritneySpears was supposed to play the heiress in this movie. Mandy Moore likewise auditioned but was turned down for being too young.
** Creator/HughJackman was offered the role of Billy Flynn, but he turned it down, as he felt that he was too young for the part. Later, he admitted that he regretted making that decision. Creator/JohnTravolta was repeatedly offered the part but kept turning it down. He too later said he regretted it. Other candidates were Creator/JohnCusack, Creator/KevinKline, Creator/SteveMartin and Creator/KevinSpacey.
** The film rights were bought back in the 1970s, with Creator/BobFosse to direct. Creator/GoldieHawn, Creator/LizaMinelli and Music/FrankSinatra were announced as stars. Fosse's sudden death caused the project to be shelved.
** Creator/JenniferAniston, Creator/ChristinaApplegate, Creator/DrewBarrymore, Creator/CateBlanchett, Creator/SandraBullock, Creator/JamieLeeCurtis, Creator/EllenDeGeneres, Creator/CameronDiaz, Creator/JodieFoster, Creator/HeatherGraham, Creator/RachelGriffiths, Creator/AngieHarmon, Creator/HelenHunt, Creator/MillaJovovich, Creator/AshleyJudd, Creator/JenniferJasonLeigh, Creator/TeaLeoni, Creator/RhonaMitra, Creator/BebeNeuwirth, Creator/GwynethPaltrow, Creator/HilarySwank, Creator/MarisaTomei, and Creator/KateWinslet were considered for Roxie Hart.
** Music/{{Madonna}} was offered the role of Velma Kelly, but she was busy touring. Other candidates included Creator/ToniCollette, Creator/CameronDiaz, Creator/AngelinaJolie, Music/JenniferLopez, Creator/JuliaRoberts, Creator/GwynethPaltrow and Creator/WinonaRyder.
** Rob Marshall originally wanted Creator/KathyBates to play Matron Mama Norton, but she was scheduled to film ''Film/AboutSchmidt''. Music/{{Beyonce}} campaigned for the role. Other candidates included Creator/AnjelicaHuston, Creator/WhoopiGoldberg, Creator/PamGrier and Creator/BetteMidler.
** Marshall wanted Creator/KeanuReeves for Amos Hart. Creator/CharlieSheen read for the part.
** Creator/MilosForman and Creator/BazLuhrmann were offered the chance to direct.