Trivia: Broken Hope

  • Author Existence Failure: Joe Ptacek.
  • One of Us: Jeremy Wagner is a huge horror fan in addition to being a published writer.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Damian Leski and Mike Miczek.
  • Screwed by the Network: Part of why they originally broke up. The person at Metal Blade Europe who was supposed to be handling them did not like their music at all and kept them from touring there, and the label support was underwhelming at best in general.
  • Troubled Production: Grotesque Blessings. The ejection of Stanek and departure of Glass had thrown everything into disarray, there were three different bassists on the album (Griffin had also handled some of the bass tracks) because two of them left during the recording process, and the band had been thrown off of Metal Blade due to problems with management. The album got great reviews and resulted in several solid tours, but the dysfunction that had started around then was already starting to build up to completely unmanageable levels.